Londres and a dash of Twinings

I forgot to blog about my Saturday in London with Ma'ma and M a couple of weeks ago. We hopped on an early train and tube to Islington. We had tickets to the Country Living Christmas Fair, which we go to every year. But first we needed to fill our tummies and fuel our energy to fight the crowds.
We found this cute little Austrian and Viennese restaurant down a pokey street. Kipferl offered a range of breakfasts amongst other meal time options. I finally made my mind up and chose a croissant with jam and a boiled egg (because I couldn't choose) with an Apple and Elderflower to wash it all down with. It was so delightful. As was Kipferl's interior.
After feeling satisfyingly full, and ordering three pretzels to go, off we went to explore the Fair in all it's Christmassy glory. There were some lovely stalls filled with wonderful handmade trinkets and equally lovely owners. We had our traditional tasting of the mature cheeses and spicy sausages, finished off with a mouthful of different chocolates... including the 'Best White Chocolate' in the land. Five different bars and £5 less later we went for a browse on the next level. 

A few hours of browsing later and then trying our hardest to view some trinkets but ending up in a small queue every time we wanted to enter each cubbyhole and a few more impatient moments later, we made a decision to leave. It was a shame, but I guess we usually go on a Sunday and it was a lot busier on Saturday.
We crossed the road and went down the pokey street again. We popped our heads around and in some cute quirky shops and I wanted EVERYTHING. Smug was a dream!

Realising I wanted so much and being good strong and saying no, we hopped on a red bus to our next destination. This was actually was a surprise, I wasn't even allowed a clue.
We got off at Strand, and Ma'ma and M led the way. We shuffled through the wet leaves to the mystery place and my mind wandered. We turned the corner and crossed the road and there we were, we had arrived. It was the Twinings shop. Ma'ma had told me so much about it and I've wanted to go ever since but never got around to it.
The reason I have wanted to go for so long is because it has been there since 1706. The shop itself is history! It is like a mini museum inside, as well as a cute narrow shop with shelves lined with jars, tea caddys and a pic n mix style section with a variety of single enveloped bags. There is a nice selection of coffees at the coffee bar and even a tasting station so you can try before you buy!
I could not leave empty handed, so I went to the till with my arms filled with a box of Everyday Breakfast Tea and about twenty individual Lavender Earl Grey and Rose Garden tea enveloped bags. My bag smelling with floral goodness. They even added a few samples in for good measure! That's what I call customer service!
It was such a lovely surprise, Ma'ma takes me to all the best places.
With our Tea filled carriers, we hopped back on the red bus and headed for Oxford Street's John Lewis. This is also one of our Christmas Fair traditions. A little Christmas shopping in the Christmas section of the magical John Lewis. We filled our baskets with German gingerbreads, stocking gifts, mini chocolates, Christmas PIP cups & saucers, pinecone tealights and some Emma Bridgewater wrap. 
It was a lovely Christmassy day, and I am now in such a festive mood... as you may have already gathered by my recent blog posts and tweets of Christmassy Christmasness. I have started my homemade/handmade gifts and they are coming on well. I do feel I should maybe make some mixture for my spiced biscuits soon and freeze it, but I am not too sure if it'll be good enough.
Has anyone ever made a mixture and frozen it until a later date, how was it when you defrosted it? Was it as good as if you made it fresh?
I received a lovely surprise package a few weeks ago. It was from Twinings. Inside was a beautiful mug from PIP Studio, which can be purchased from Twinings online shop, and a wonderful box of 'Charlotte's Breakfast' tea. 
Oh my! I actually squealed with excitement. Not only was I not expecting this parcel... but this tea has my name on it!

I am one very happy lady right now! I love you Twinings!


  1. Oh my goodness Charlotte this is so lovely! Christmas times, little cosy cafes & tea! How amazing is the Charlotte tea! I'm super excited for you! It reminds me a little of the Great Gatsby, I can just imagine sipping this in tiny teacups with Jay Gatsby for company <3 eeeep I'm super excited for Christmas! Your lovely blog has made it seem even more real :) x x

  2. Looks like a fabulous time :) Dippy eggs are my favourite breakfast xxx

  3. Your pictures are so beautiful.
    I just realised I hadn't followed you on Instragram yet *follows*


  4. the parking lot just serves as the best backdrop for your shoot!
    you and your sis are both so cute <3

  5. This totally makes me want to go and visit London during the christmas season <3

  6. Oh my gosh, this looks like the best day ever! I love Smug so I'd absolutely love to go and visit the shop itself, I must put that on my list for next time I'm in London. Love your Twinings prezzie, personalised tea is pretty awesome! :) xo
    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  7. such a perfect day <3 <3 Kiperfl is so nice, I went there with my mum!! :) I really must visit the Twinings museum, looks perfect xxx

  8. i had no idea there was a twinings shop, the smell in here must be awesome


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