Tea Review: Pukka

'Tis the season to be Jolly... and to get a cold! I woke this morning with a bunged, husky sort of voice. Attractive! Lately I have read so many stories about not knowing what's in your medicine and quite frankly it scared me. I refused to have my flu jab at work and I am reluctant to swallow paracetamols and sip a Lemsip. So this year I am going down a healthier route for my body. Organic orange juices, vitamins and Pukka Tea.
Elderberry & Echinacea with Elderflower "Deeply comforting organic super fruity tea". Licorice root, ginger root, echinacea root and leaf, beetroot, aniseed, elderflower, peppermint leaf, orange peel, elderberry, rosehip berry, acerola, orange essential oil, natural blackcurrant flavour.

This Pukka tea is pinky, purple in colour and smells perfectly fruity. The pretty coloured tea tastes sweet with strong hints of peppermint, berries and licorice.
The ingredients are everything that you would need to feel better. In my opinion I would say that this tea is better than any Lemsip or tablet that we will have to endure this winter! And you won't even need to add sugar! It also reminds me of when I was younger and mother used to make me Hot Blackcurrant Squash. It tastes so similar- but better for you.
Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey "Deeply soothing organic herbal tea". Ginger root, licorice root, elderflower, fennel seed, lemon verbena leaf, turmeric root, lemon essential oil, lemon myrtle leaf, whole lemon, manuka honey flavour.
This tea is lemon yellow in colour and smells refreshingly tangy. Obviously this tea is very lemony but it has a soothing honey taste which is subtle, as is the ginger.
This fruit tea also has the perfect natural ingredients to create a better medicine than any other! Kiss your winter colds goodbye with these natural delights.

I'm no doctor, but kiss Lemsip and other cold related medicines goodbye and opt for the organic fruit tea option! Or at least try it first. I know I will.


  1. I feel you on being wary of medicines! I always have been, my stomach doesn't much like them & they put too much stress on the liver (which helps process & clear out toxins, so if it stops functioning properly you're in for some trouble!). I'd rather load up with vitamin C and garlic and hope for the best.


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