You, Me and a Pack of PG!

I have always been a dedicated fan of PG Tips, so you can imagine how I was feeling when I got a little email from the one and only- Monkey!
PG Tips are offering a FREE 'You' and 'Me' mug when you buy a pack of PG Tips 160 + 50% extra free in participating Iceland stores. Not only is '160 + 50% extra free' a pretty Amazing deal, but a FREE mug too!

The lovely PG Tips team... and Monkey sent me a box of PG Tips and a 'Me' mug with a deal of giving a shout out to a fellow tea drinker. They will be sent a 'You' mug and some delightful tea.
I would like the lovely Hannah from Hannah's Homespun Life to enjoy some tea with me from her very own PG mug. Her blog is down to earth, homely and very very tasty and I hope one day to drink tea with her in real life, not just over the internet!
This post alone proves I have made the right choice.
Hannah, "You, Me and a Pack of PG!?!!"


  1. This is lovely, what a sweet idea!

  2. I always associate PG Tips with helping me feel more at home in the UK when I first moved here from Ireland 3 years ago! Tea and homeliness go hand in hand so trying to choose a brand from all the strange ones staring out at me from the supermarket shelf was a big deal! It's been PG Tips all the way for me ever since though :) Cute mug and lucky you getting free tea :)

  3. You are the sweetest! I wish we didn't live so far away so we could enjoy a cup of tea in person rather than at the same time, infront of a laptop, via instagram. :)
    Plus, you can't go wrong with a bit of PG. I know we both love the strong stuff!

    Now I have mental images of us both tucked up on the sofa with our matching mugs a la Monkey and Johnny. Oh dear! Getting carried away.
    Enjoy your cuppa my love.
    Speak soon,
    Han. xxxxxxx

  4. Oh so lovely! Everything about this blog is way beautiful

  5. what a lovely idea :) I prefer Yorkshire tea personally but nothing wrong with a cuppa PJ ;) xx

  6. awesome!! I am ALWAYS PG tips (for a regular brew)


  7. This is so cool! A proper cup of tea is what it's all about. xx

  8. I just found your blog & I looove it! :)


*Forever Love*