Although It's Been Said Many Times Many Ways Merry Christmas To You

Christmas for me is pastel pink skies early in the morning, nearly naked trees, frosted fallen leaves, small cups of hot chocolate with way too many marshmallows, fresh out of the oven mince pies, floral onesies and a pile of Christmas films snuggled under blankets on the sofa.
Packages filled with Christmas goodies from friends far and not so far, setting up a station for Christmas card writing, brown paper and red twine wrapped parcels underneath the real pine trees with occasional dropped needles. 
Early morning walks around the town with last minute gift inspiration or ingredients buying, tartan scarf wrapped tightly around necks to prevent the bitterly cold winds sweeping underneath, bobble hat and Christmas sock wearing.
Emptying the tree decoration box and finding glass treasures that you only cherish for a month or so every year, venturing around on busy Saturdays only to grab an Eggnog latte and a Peppermint hot chocolate in red cups, handmade advents, Wham's Last Christmas on repeat... always, The Polar Express and hot cups of tea.
Sunday night Christmas staff party and Secret Santa, German Gingerbread, Homemade Christmas gifts to give away to loved ones on the big day, Glitter filled Christmas cards and crochet snowflakes made by friends, the whole of December being ridiculously festive and the big countdown... NINE days. 

Happy Christmas! Tell me, what is Christmas to you? Any traditions? What songs are on repeat (or is that just me?)!


  1. I absolutely love this post :) the sky was like this at sunset the other day and it made everything look so different! To me, Christmas is all about the day with my family (and I'm partial to a Christmas film/special on TV!) xx

  2. Dear Charlotte,
    Your world looks absolutely dreamy! We're decorating our tree this evening and this post has most definitely put me in the holiday spirit. <3 xoxo

  3. Love this post your festiveness makes me even more excited! My fav Christmas tunes to have on repeat are All I want for Christmas is You and Walking in a Winter Wonderland! For me my favourite part of Christmas is when it gets to Christmas eve and we decorate the tree :D

    Kate X

  4. Beautiful, beautiful post! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas xx

  5. Oh this is gorgeous.
    I'm with you on the pastel skies, just beautiful. For me it's all about the grub, Christmas food is the best.I think.
    M x Life Outside London


*Forever Love*