Driving Home For Christmas With a Thousand Memories

I have mentioned before that I am attempting Homemade Handmade Christmas this year so I have made little edible treats and lovely pieces for the home to give to my loved ones in a box, hamper-esque way.
This is the first year that I have actually attempted and not given up as I usually leave it all to do at the last minute and then end up buying everything online in the middle of December... I seem to be doing well- so far so good.
If you're like me and thought about homemade and discarded the idea... there are a really great selection of hampers online this year. In collaboration with Harrods, I bring to your attention this Amazing Pamper Hamper which is one of many delightful and tasty options available.
This Hamper is ideal for your hardworking Mother, older Sister, favourite friend... or yourself! I absolutely love the Laduree candles. The powder blue porcelain and the contrasting coral candle make such a lovely little decoration on the mantle piece. The twin pink version smells like roses, absolutely heavenly. They come in a sweet Laduree box too which will most definitely be used for other little trinkets and treasures along with my pink macaron box.
Oh these darling truffles. I have always wanted some of these since I was a little girl. I remember my mother had some like these gifted to her and I so wanted one. Them being coated in pink chocolate was obviously the appeal rather than the Marc De Champagne... perhaps that was why I wasn't allowed one. 
In this hamper you get two 125g boxes. One with pink chocolate and the other with milk.
Oh they are so delicious. I love how dusty they are too. These are quite clearly pure luxury. Perhaps that is the real reason I was refused one as a child! They are very much a grown up treat, not for a little one.
In the dark brown wicker basket hamper with leather-style lid, there is also a nice bottle of Rose Champagne. Don't mind if I do! Though Sebastian says we should save it for a special occasion. As if Christmas is not a big glittering special occasion!!!

A pretty pink glass bottle of Laduree room spray is hidden in the hamper too. This also made me feel a little 'pampered' it was an old-fashioned spray bottle with a little pump and tassel. Another thing that reminded me of my dear mother when I was younger. It smells pretty, though Sebastian freaked out with all the girly candles and scents that now surrounded him. I certainly do not know what he means!
To have a little browse yourself at what Harrods have to offer take a peek here. There was one that I so wished for, it was a basket filled with old fashioned sweets and treats. Can you imagine receiving that?! Oh!
Are there any hampers out there that have taken your fancy? I know M&S have some sweet ones.
Are any of you lovely lot attempting a Handmade Homemade Christmas too? Tell me how it's going.


  1. the candle looks so cute! x

  2. Ohh those truffles look divine <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. I had absolutely no idea that laduree made fragrances! That is so lovely. I actually just posted a photo on instagram of silver-encrusted macarons I got from the shop in NYC. So festive and yummy!

  4. Wowee I'd love to receive this on Christmas Day! The candles look gorgeous x

  5. Oh my goodness I am so incredibly jealous of this special treat. You lucky girl. That candle is gorgeous and I always eye up those truffles when I'm in John Lewis. As you know I'm a sucker for pretty packaging.

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx


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