Gift Guide... Stocking Fillers

If you're like me, and you still need to go out and by a few Christmas gifts as a little top up, I have just the thing!
I am actually making most of my Christmas gifts, but there are things that just cannot be made. Like some beautiful Yankee Christmas scents or cinnamon tea. I am just needing 'that extra touch'. Candy canes, little enveloped tea, jars of sweets and chocolate coins.
Christmas scented candles from ScentedCandleShop will make the perfect stocking filler. You know these will be loved and enjoyed and not just some panic thoughtless gift. Winter Wonderland smells slightly minty like peppermint bark and the Christmas Tree is delightful! Nothing beats a real pine tree.
Wonderful sweets by Hope and Greenwood will go down a treat for any man or lady in your life! These Mince Pie Bonbons may sound strange... but they really are quite tasty! The North Pole Party box is absolutely darling! I love the packaging and the little paragraph on the back! These sugary caramel delights are so good! Not to be consumed all at once!
Not one, not two, but THREE Cinnamon tea by Pukka. Why not include a sachet of this festive tea with every gift? A pretty brown packaged parcel wrapped with red and white twine with an individual cup of tea attached by a gold glittered peg. Your friends and family will love it!
I hope you have most of your gifts sorted?! I decided to make most of my gifts this year in an attempt at a Homemade Handmade Christmas. So far so good, I still have ALOT to do. But I've got SIX days... right?!


  1. Everything looks gorgeous! I'd love all these in my stocking. xo

  2. I'm tempted to buy all these things for myself. Great ideas! Your photos are so lovely too.

    Amber xo

  3. Those gingerbread house candles are just the cutest, everything on your little list is just so lovely! x

  4. I love those gingerbread house candles! I'd be thrilled to receive those!!

    I'm pretty organised...just need to get something v.small to fit into my little boy's stocking.

  5. Loving those little house candles! Might drop some hints and try and get them in my stocking... x

  6. i am heading out today to get some candles to finish off my gift buying...great minds think alike :)

  7. Ohh cinnamon tea sounds so warming and lovely <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. Loving those little house candles! Might drop some hints and try and get them in my stocking... x

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  9. Oh I wish I'd read this before I finished my shopping! The sweets sound divine and could not agree more about the Yankee Candles - I bought myself a book of 12 christmas sampler candles for my girls to wrap for under the tree - can't wait to start using them!


*Forever Love*