Recently Pinned: Christmas 2013 Edition

(Taken from Pinterest, here)

I am finding it hard to contain my excitement. Christmas is so very close now. I am most likely in the kitchen doing last minute baking or sitting beside the tree watching The Polar Express whilst I wrap my gifts with brown paper and twine. So please enjoy my Christmas selection of pins, best enjoyed with Wham Last Christmas on repeat... oh, no that's just me!
Happy Christmas you lovely sweet darlings!


  1. So lovely, Charlotte! Last Christmas on repeat is the only way to spend Christmas, super festive <3 have the most magical Christmas x x

  2. Love these pins, I too have a Pinterest Board dedicated to Winter & Christmas pictures ... I often peruse them for inspiration and a warm glow inside :)

  3. Ahhhh!! Merry christmas darling!!


*Forever Love*