The Adventures of an English Rose and a Sweet Pea (part ii)

It has been a while since Miss Jenny and I had an adventure together, so we decided to plan a weekend in Bath to visit the wonderful Christmas market and generally get into the Christmas spirit. Last week, I hopped on the most awful earliest train with my iPod filled with Christmas songs and went on my merry way to meet Miss Jenny.
As soon as we met up we went for brunch at The Boston Tea Party coffee house. And it was good!
We pretended to be tourists and visited the Roman Baths, Jenny and I longed to visit their Spa bath too, especially with our large bags aching our arms and shoulders. It was needed. We soldiered on however and finally rested our bags on our knees whilst we hopped on Francis and Sonja for a ride on the twinkling carousel. There is no lady-like way to hop on a carousel horse by the way. Especially if one is wearing a pretty knitted skirt...Jenny!
After having a little browse around the wooden cabins filled with potential Christmas gifts, we sipped on mulled wine and tried to work out where our next tearoom visit was going to be. Out came Jenny's trusty old map (That's right, no google maps! We went old-school!). We finally worked out how to get to Bea's Vintage Tearooms where we sat in the window and enjoyed some tea, cake and a good old natter.
After feeding our hunger, we attempted the crowds again at the Christmas market, visited the Pulteney Bridge, some pretty boutique shops and soaked up all the festive cheer. 
After a long day, we headed to our pretty B&B on the outskirts of the city. The Poplar House is a charming Georgian house with the prettiest of rooms. It is pure Luxury! So after an achy-armed day I got into my comfy Tartans, into the huge sleigh bed with a cup of tea, a Cadbury Wish and It's A Wonderful Life and snoozed the night away.
After THE best night's sleep, Jenny and I got ready for the day and tip-toed through the quiet house and down to breakfast. We were welcomed with a posh breakfast of parma ham and bread, yoghurt and fruit. However, we could not turn down the Full English that was on offer. Gosh, it was delicious and the kitchen/dining room that we ate in was filled with family treasures and was so cosy. It was a perfect Sunday morning.
We drove to the nearest Park & Ride, hopped on the double decker and wandered around the streets of Bath once again. 
Miss Jenny took us to Sally Lunn's which is one of the world's oldest houses and serves tea and buns. Apparently the Bun is traditional in Bath... which I hadn't heard of before, so when in Rome, we ordered a cup of tea and half a bun with jam and cream. It filled me up... until our next tearoom visit.
After admiring the Royal Crescent we skipped down the hill to the Jane Austen museum. We decided to skip the museum altogether and go straight up to the top floor for a cup of tea with Mr Darcy. Rose Lemonade. after nibbling on a ham and cheese toastie it was time to head home. 
Miss Jenny and I said our goodbyes and I headed to the Train station.
The weekend was tiring, hectic and impossible to find any gifts without queuing to see anything in those cute wooden huts... but it was super Christmassy and filled with cheer, dreamy twinkly lights, laughter and fun. Where to next Miss Jenny? Paris? Wales? A magical world full of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

Have a look at Jenny's dreamy video of our lovely weekend:

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  1. Squeal. I feel Christmassy all over again. Such a lovely trip Charlotte. Can't wait for the next. Let's start planning!!

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  2. Wow this looks so lovely :)
    I wish I had a girlie friend I could share lovely adventures like this with!
    Also that egg looks AMAAAAZING, slightly obsessed with poached eggs!
    Lottie :) Little Lottie Loves

  3. Such a lovely post! I love the photo of the carousel, reminds me of riding on them as a child x

  4. What a wonderful adventure! It is always so nice to get away with a good friend and just relax together

    xx Carina

  5. These pictures are beautiful, sounds like you had a wonderful day! x

  6. What a glorious weekend! I haven't made it to the Bath Christmas Market yet--the massive crowds at the weekend are a tad off-putting, and I'm not sure I could make it to the park and ride during the week before it got jam-packed :(

  7. It looks like you all had so so soooo much fun. Bath looks stunning this time of year!

  8. What a beautiful post, it sounds like it was a gorgeous weekend! Bath is high on my list of placed to visit once I go to the UK.

  9. Aw, this looks like the most perfect Christmassy weekend! I am fully jealous!


    Oui Je T'aime Aussi

  10. Glad you found Bea's Vintage Tea Rooms - a little hidden gem in Bath :-)
    I work in Bath and we were lucky enough to get a "team-building" breakfast at Bea's just after it opened last year, their scrambled eggs are delicious! :-) x

  11. Am really glad I read this post as we have contemplated for many years going to Bath for the markets but the train times/lengths/number of changes have always been so off putting! However you've captured the essence so well that I don't feel as though I have missed out this year! Thank you for sharing (and love the cake pictures best ;)


*Forever Love*