So when you are asked to take part in a collaboration, and agree, you are supposed to actually post about it... I forgot.
Argento hosted a Friend-It-Forward project where three bloggers had been nominated to share stories of their blogger friendships. Argento gifted the nominated bloggers and their chosen blogger friend a friendship-style bracelet each.
It was hard to choose only one, I wanted to have two favourite blogger friends. Luckily they sent me two bracelets by accident. One for Jenny and one for Rosie.
So I am supposed to tell you a story of mine and my favourite blog friends and how we met etc. But as I completely forgot about it and the project is over I will write about my friendships and what they mean to me.

Both Jenny and Rosie WERE my blogger friends, but they are not anymore. They are my REAL LIFE friends. I have met them both a few times and both friendships just clicked straight away. 
Years ago Rosie and I started sending each other parcels filled with handmade stories and envelopes of stars and after letters of saying we will one day meet... we eventually did. And it was just how I expected it, she was just how I expected her to be; sweet, kind, lovely and so very pretty. 
Last year Jenny and I met for the first time when she arrived at my door and we chatted over pizza and adventured the next day. It felt like we had been old school friends that had known each other for years. We just clicked. Since then our fast moving friendship has blossomed. We met in Bath for a Christmassy weekend and plan to go to Wales and her home town in Norwich. She is fab!
A little shout out to my two bestest friends in this world. Darling Miss Suz and little Miss Alix. They have been my most favourite beings for quite a while now. 
Suz has been my BFF since school and our future babies will be BFFs and their babies too. Without her I have no idea what my life would be like. She keeps me grounded and keeps me positive. We sing Disney songs together and quote Harry Potter films.
Alix has been in my life since I stalked her on Twitter. Well actually she was originally Suz's friend from work and the only person I knew (around here) that wrote a blog. By the time she realised that we both knew Suz, I had completely forgotten that she had! Stalker behaviour. Kind of.
So now Alix and I take mini breaks around Europe together and when she's not jet-setting around the world writing about her travels, we stroll alongside the beach in Margate sipping milkshakes and nosey around the pretty vintage stalls in my town.
These two beauties have literally kept me going lately. They have both inspired me to be creative, boosted my confidence and have motivated me to do great things. They believe in me.
I look forward to many adventures together and milestones. Alix and her handsome French man and country farmhouse villa in the South of France or trendy Paris apartment doing a Carrie Bradshaw and writing her way through life (with Pig ofcourse) and owning her own Vegan coffee stop. Suz and Mr Andrew having a handful of babies and teaching them how to play Basketball and educating them with films and trips to America. And with her Amazing cooking she'll have a yummy cook book out.
And us all being together still.


  1. this is so sweet! Blogger friends RULE!!! :)

  2. Awww, this actually almost brought little tears to my bespectacled eyes. Love you Miss Charlotte. <3 xxx

  3. This is amazing, it shows how friendships can blossom from owning a blog. I have met a few lovely girls and I hope to meet some of them in person soon!!

    Beautiful post!

    Georgie xx

    Life in Loafers

  4. Lovely post! The bracelets are gorgeous!

    Caitlin x

  5. So cute! Blogger friends can be the best friends.

  6. Hurrah for blogger pals! Oddly enough, I'm off for a girly weekend of fun and frolics in Paris today, to hang out with a blogging friend - it's so wonderful what can come from one little blog!

  7. Blogger friends really are the absolute best. I've never found a more supportive and kind group of people. Love these bracelets too!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  8. This bracelet is gorgeous! Are they for sale anywhere?
    It's really sweet how you've become really good friends with them :) the tipping point for me starting blogging was how friendly everyone was so it really doesn't surprise me!
    India xx

  9. What a beautiful bracelet. ♥ :) I really need to get back into snail-mailing because I miss reading hand written letters.


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