I Want The Sky

I have had quite a week already.
But I will not go into that. Next week however I have Wednesday-Sunday off and I cannot wait. Cosy, comfy days being creative with the sewing machine and some glitter and writing to loved ones (finally! Sorry friends) and generally having some time to myself to do as I wish.
I will also, most likely be mourning over the fact that my best is going back on her travelling adventures on Tuesday. The time has gone so quickly! Even though my passport runs out this May (and my last name changes next year) I do hope to see her soon. Whether it be in beautiful Paris- Where we both belong, or in our home lands of pretty Kent where we'll sip on shakes in Vegan cafes.
I shall be keeping her and her inspiration in mind and heart whilst I make pretty things to sell in my wee Etsy shop. I was really hoping that everything would be finished and looking lovely by the end of this week but I am still waiting on a few items in the letterbox and the postal service hasn't been efficient. So I have my fingers tightly crossed for next week but I don't want to make that official... just in case! (wish with me?)


  1. I hope your bestie has safe, wonderful travels! And good luck with the relaunch of your etsy shop :D

  2. I adore how you have English Rose imprinted in your mug. And whenever my friends go away on holidays, I dearly miss them so much. I'm sure you're able to keep in contact and an't wait to see what you produce for your store.

  3. mmm toblerone <3 <3 I have lots of friends who've left the UK too, sad times! Looking forward to seeing your shop! :) xxx

  4. Good luck with Etsy! I love your blog - it's so pretty xx

  5. I hope your friend has a great time and you get to share your stories together in a little while:) Love your photosxx

  6. Good luck with your etsy! Staying in touch with friends can be hard but honestly friendship knows no distance :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  7. I agree with Emma Jane above - friendship really knows no distance. Look forward to all those lengthy Skype chats and planning a meet-up somewhere lovely. x


*Forever Love*