Lumière Spectaculaire

Twelve days have passed since my perfect day at that sparkly place where the magic happens. I miss it.
That day I was ridiculously happy. Like a child. Singing along to the catchy songs playing out along Main Street USA, sipping hot chocolates through the night and enjoying the Light Spectacular which started once the countdown to a brand new year had been sung. That was Amazing.
I must admit I expected one heck of a firework display. Disneyland have always had such a fabulous firework display. However this year... they did not. I admit I was disappointed, but they turned it around with such an amazing light show. They used the sparkling pink castle as the main feature by projecting a short film onto it, a small selection of pretty fireworks surrounded the castle with brightly coloured lights highlighting the sequenced water fountains. It was stunning and extremely skilled. I was impressed.
As it was still Christmassy over there, the show was based on the new Disney film Frozen- which I am yet to see. The music was festive and the atmosphere was just wonderful. Lots of sleepy children on papa's shoulders getting the best views in the house, couples sipping ten euro plastic-glasses of champagne hand in hand, Sebastian snapping these lovely pictures whilst I just stood with fascination and awe. It was such a perfect end to a wonderfully magical day.

How will we top it next year? How could we possibly think of something better to do or even remotely good?! 


  1. I've become quite a critique of the New Year Fireworks when the event arises. They do indeed get bigger, new fireworks, but with all this I think it just gets smokey and the cloud just gets bigger and bigger and such a huge block from the show. Hope I get to see New Year at a Disneyland one of these years.

  2. That would have been an amazing experience! Love the photographs.

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

  3. Lovely photographs, looks amazing! x

  4. Looks delightful! :) Maybe you'll just have to go back next year! Haha :)

  5. That looks completely magical. What a wonderful way to spend welcome in the the New Year.

    Magali x
    Petite Gingembre

  6. This is such a good way to spend new year! I can't wait to go to Orlando in May and see the Magic Kingdom fireworks. Hope we're not disappointed! x

  7. So so jealous! That last picture is incredible. It looks like you had a fantastic time :-)

    Victoria x

  8. It looks like you had an amazing time. The pictures are so beautiful and magical!

    Carpet cleaning

  9. I got back from Disneyland last week, the fireworks and light show were amazing! I want to go back already. The pictures are lovely! :)

    Nicola xx


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