Mother's Christmas Hamper

Now, I mentioned to you in a previous post about my Mother's Christmas Hamper basket. I felt it needed it's very own post because it was just that darn amazing.
I know Christmas has long gone... except for number 12 down my road who STILL have their Christmas tree up! Walking down the street Friday and from afar all I could see was a set of beautiful twinkling Christmas tree lights and as I came closer I spotted the tree through the window and all it's festive decorations.
Back to the post... For Christmas, as there are several of us, Mother gives her children a 'grown up' hamper of goodies. I feel I had a super special one as it was filled with Pink Parisian biscuits, Pink German gingerbreads and macarons from Paris (amongst other treats). I doubt my older sisters and brothers had a box of macarons. 
Last year we had posh vinegar, homemade fudge, German gingerbreads and plum jam. This year I feel it was alot more personalised.
As mother ventured to Paris to visit the Christmas markets and such just before Christmas (without me!!!) she picked up some french delights to pop inside our grey wicker baskets. A stack of chocolate thins- using cocoa beans from around the world, a delightful box of Macarons... a Parisian tradition, a bag of dusted pink wafer biscuits (which are to die for!), and a Christmas tree shaped Peanut brittle.
The sticky peanut brittle Christmas tree with it's beautiful pastel icing is the yummiest nutty treat I have had in a loooong time. I wish I had another.
Obviously the macarons didn't last long, the violet one was heavenly. (Cue more wishes and needs to travel to Paris...Alix! ...le sigh).
Other special treats that Mother got hold of; some 'proper German Gingerbread', the nice soft, more cakey kind and spiced pink gingerbreads. Mother made some of her LOVELY Marmalade and soft sugary fudge, and added in some sticks of Lindt for good measure.
She wrapped it all up in beautiful snowflake cellophane, tied with a red sparkly ribbon and cute kitch snowman. Every item was perfectly positioned and was such a lovely little package. I would have paid good money for something like this.
She should sell them in her local farm shops I think! Oh just think,  Easter hampers! Yum. She could include jars of homemade chocolate spread, cellophane bags of chocolate bunnies tied with twine. The possibilities!
I love her little extra touches. They are perfect.
I definitely think she has inspired me so. I attempted my very first homemade handmade Christmas this year and I felt it was a success! Sebastian and I bought a chocolate making/mould kit when we were in France at New Year. As our chocolates were such a hit, we decided it would be our 'thing'. That and 'Hat Parties'!


  1. This is such a wonderful idea, everything inside looks so scrummy, especially the macaroons! x


  2. Oh this is just gorgeous, would your mum mind if I pinch the idea for....everyone I know?!?
    M x Life Outside London

  3. ooooooo! I LOVE IT! What a thoughtful gift :) I think I'm going to attempt my first homemade christmas this year...did you make the presents you gave your Mr also? I think making things for him would be my only stumbling point!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I too get stuck with the Mr!
      I didn't make him anything as all the things I did make he wanted to get involved with too which was lovely. I definitely think it's worth a challenge! Maybe we could find a nice manly recipe for soap/lip balm and candles in tins. What do you think?
      Good Luck and be sure to update me!

  4. Everything looks so pretty and yet so delicious too. You did better than me - I have to keep pretty food for so long and then when I should eat don't fancy it. I've still got a chocolate owl from Halloween because it looks too cute on my shelf! x

  5. This is so lovely, she did a fantastic job! Your musings on the possibilities for Easter have got my brain going too. I'd nearly forgotten about it altogether, which is strange because I basically live for hot cross buns and chocolate. I agree that she should sell them, my mum & I were talking just this past Christmas about the lack of decent hampers that don't simply consist of big brand or sub-par chocolate and a few other things people don't even really like. There's a definite gap in the market for decent hampers. x

  6. The hamper is so cute, your siblings would be so jealous of some french sweet treats. And I would definitely forgive my mother if she ever wronged me and brought home french macarons as an apology. Damn, you're making me crave a little bit of christmas gingerbread...


  7. This is such a lovely gift - the personalised things are the best because it shows that you really know the person. What a thoughtful mother you have! Homemade gifts take time but are definitely worth it in the end - though I think I''ll need a bit more convincing as my fudge-making this year didn't go quite to plan...! x

  8. Oh this looks absolutely lovely. Your mother is so clever. I love good handmade Christmas. We made lots of foodie gifts this year too. My favourite being Nigella's Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Fudge. So easy to make, and it went down a storm.
    You've got my head buzzing with ideas for more hampers now. Naughty! I think an Easter hamper would go down very well with my mum and dad. Hmmmm...to the deli I go.

    Han. xxxxxxxxx

  9. This is so gorgeous!! Such yummy treats and packaged so nicely by someone who loves you, what more could you really want in a gift? xx

  10. Oh my gosh it looks amazing, what a lovely gift, so full of thought and love! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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