New Year. New You.

So as I have said previously, a New Year shouldn't be for a New You. A New Day should be seen as a New Start, a New You. 
Thoughts aside, I have decided to make some resolutions anyway.
1  Be More Creative.
I had decided to re-open my little Etsy store before Christmas and fill it with all my new handmade creations. I failed! But this year month it will happen and I promise to bring you some lovely treats for yourself or to send as gifts. I also need to spend less time on this here internet and my phone- which seems to be glued to me and more time glitter glued to paper and wool and my new camera.
Spend more time outdoors collecting flowers to press and snapping beautiful landscapes.
2  Say Yes More.
Saying YES/OUI/CI is said to be an instant lifter. Saying no to evenings out with friends because I've had a 'long day at work' and 'having' to fit in eight hours of beauty sleep... those things are not important. So why does it matter if you feel a little groggy the next day, you had a lovely evening with friends, good food, maybe a date night at the cinema or just stayed up late getting crafty or inspired. This will not hurt! This will be a great thing. 
Just say Yes!
3  Be Positive, Be Motivated and Believe In Myself.
This has to be my most important one. I come from a huge family so I am usually the one that sits in the corner, just watching and listening and this isn't necessarily a bad thing but it comes to a point where you have to start thinking of you and what you want in life. 
Things like taking a back seat and letting everyone do the talking has seriously knocked my confidence. I never minded being the quiet type but it turned into shyness... which I never was, I never have been. I have been in situations where in a big group of people, they are listening to me, looking at me, paying attention and my brain realises this and my cheeks become a flush.
I make, write, illustrate but never have I thought 'I am really good'. Loved ones have always said how talented etc etc but you just think they're being bias! But to exceed in life and to do things I want to do I need to think I am good, I need to know it.
So confidence and believing in myself is going to be the hardest one but the most important.
4  Pay More Attention To The Ones That Want To Be Around Me, and Less To The Ones That Don't.
Over the last six months I have really started to feel the love from my closest friends. They have been so supportive and pushing me to do things I think I'm not good at. They have motivated and inspired me to get creating again and to sell my pieces. Sebastian has too, he has been so good and really believes in me. This is what everyone needs. Friends and loved ones in your life that really believe in you and inspire, motivate and push you to only great things. Positivity is the key to a better life. 

Over the last six months I have also started to see people drift away. They have become less involved in your life by completely focusing on theirs and not involving you in it. At first I got frustrated. To be honest I still am. But then you realise you're focusing more on the fact they aren't bothering, than you are on the ones that really are!!!
If you find that people are too busy to find an hour to meet for tea (or give you several ridiculous reasons why they cannot) then you are clearly better off. You could be spending that hour meeting up with friends that care about you, will make you smile and pick you up and give them the time they deserve.

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  1. All really great aspirations for the year :) I think they're all important but I particularly agree with number 4. As sad as it is, there is little point in wasting precious time and energy where that care is not reciprocated. I hope you have a really lovely 2014 ahead xx

  2. What fab goals for 2014, especially believing in yourself. So so empowering to have just a little self belief. Good luck lovely, look forward to seeing how you get on.
    M x Life Outside London

  3. These all sound wonderful! You should absolutely believe in yourself <3 <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. Your 'resolutions' for this year are great Charlotte! I love them all, especially the one about saying yes more often, definitely something I'm going to try and do more this year! x

  5. Your has post has motivated and inspired me lovely, I'm so happy I stumbled across your blog this year (through following you on Instagram I believe). Your goals are all realistic and I hope you achieve everything you wish to this year my dear, I can't wait to see your Etsy store. I too said last year I was going to open my Etsy store and never did. This is the year :) no more procrastinating or thinking you're not good enough - you are! xxx

  6. Love these! Especially the saying 'yes' thing - a few of my friends are always saying no to stuff because they had to work that day and are 'too tired', or won't come out at night because they have work in the morning... as though going a job they hardly even like is more important than having fun & creating memories with friends! I have never been able to understand it, and it causes some friendships to start to drift as we tend to feel discouraged and don't make many plans. Good luck with the year ahead! x

  7. I love all of your resolutions. I especially look forward to checking out your etsy shop. Good luck and have fun this year!

  8. These are great little goals. I love the thought of saying yes more and how much it goes hand in hand with believing in yourself more too. Taking risks and getting yourself out there really can make you have so much more faith in yourself. Lots of changes are going to happen this year and with these goals in mind, you'll achieve so much!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  9. I totally agree with not making resolutions! & this year I even have a few for myself! Hope you had a magical time at Disney!! xoxo

  10. Love the last one! Definitely something more people need to do :)

  11. Love this list of new year's resolution! Very realistic and very positive!!

    Will be keeping my eyes out for your Esty!

    Susan | Susan Loves...

  12. Your blog is sooooo cute!! You take lovely pictures as well! I just followed you :)


*Forever Love*