Pocket Full O Sunshine

January so far has been pretty eventful. Well 2014 so far has been quite exciting, due to my resolutions going great and well and truly sticking by them. Proud lady! So according to my Instagram feed life at the moment is looking quite nice. Parisian adventures, Parisian sweet treats, pretty yellow petals from the Mr and so on.
I am still suffering from post Christmas blues, occasionally. However, I am very pleased to have my house back! We treecycled our Christmas tree by paying a wee donation to The Pilgrim's Hospice and they picked it up from our doorstep. Which meant ALOT of hoovering and cleaning up after the dying pine was dragged through our hallway and down a flight of stairs. Though our living area is now back to it's roomy state and wonderfully tidy and light. Happier times.
This time makes me really look forward to spring time. Sweet Daffodils appear in gardens, pastel blossoms fill the bare trees, dear little lambs are galloping around.
Unfortunately we have to brave the strong winds and constant rain first which seems to keep ruining our days and some unfortunate souls' houses. I admit I love soft fluffy snow... but I am dreading the day it hits us here.
Anyway, positive thoughts. I have been spending my weekend days lazing around and watching foodie programmes and SATC whilst nibbling on Parisian macarons bought by Mother and washing them down with many cups of breakfast tea. 

I have spent every night-but Thursday-out meeting friends, eating dinner at Wychwood cottage with mother and attending Jamie Oliver kitchenware parties. So generally SAYING YES. Which I am changing to 'say yes more but not all the time'! Ha.
So, this week I have received pretty belated Christmas gifts over a Mexican meal, some gorgeous yellow roses from the darling Mr, and a forgotten gift from Mother which was a little pair of golden sewing Scissors in the shape of a Stork- I am in love. I am.
I have also been snacking on German gingerbreads and delightful Parisian Pink Biscuits... which are just DIVINE! Gosh, mother gives the best gifts. In fact I need to show you snaps of my Christmas hamper basket that she created for me. All I can say is LUCKY CHARLOTTE. So many tasty treats!
After snuggles with Captain Barnaby Whiskers on my day off last week, I had a little mosey around the second-hand shops in my little town and came across some lovely pieces. I bought a lovely teacup and saucer with cerise roses and silver printed handwriting. It had 'Mother' on it. It was perfect. I am not sure what to do with it just yet. But I know I want to make something for my dear Mother.
Sitting next to the floral tea set on the dusty shelf was a beautiful glass bottle in the shape of an Eiffel Tower. Wow. Not only did I spot this exact bottle before Christmas and DIDN'T buy it due to having no money and being on a tight budget (and really regretted it), it was still there waiting for me to snap it up! At 49p I cannot believe I did not purchase it before. But hey... meant to be or what?!

So my life is now complete. How was your weekend? Did you get any bargains? Eat any delightful treats with a nice hot cup of tea? Did you watch any lovely films?


  1. All of your pictures are so beautiful, they never fail to make me smile in a dreamily fashion. It looks like 2014 has been a successful time so far- the Eiffel tower bottle is definitely meant to be in your life.


    P.S. Captain Barnaby Whiskers is frigging adorable.


    1. Oh Hannah, what lovely words!
      Thank you so much.
      I cannot believe it when I saw that dreamy bottle again-- It was waiting for me!


  2. Love looking at all your pictures - life seems airy, floaty and idyllic. Definitely going to have to dig out my matching china for a mini one-man tea party now! As for your lovely tea-cup find, I have seen so many lovely tutorials for tea-cup candles...might be something to think about :)
    Another great post - thanks for sharing :)
    Grace x

  3. so glad to hear there's lots of loveliness in your life Charlotte (please send some my way)! What a cute Eiffel Tower shaped bottle, and the little scissors, so cute. xx

  4. What a super start to the year. It looks floaty, airy, very pink and delightful - far from this horrible grey, damp weather we've been lumbered with. I hope it continues to be fantastic. x

  5. How cute! I need to get my hands on some rose drips myself, it's such a delicate flavor. And how can macarons be anything but cute!

  6. I'm glad your year is getting off to a great start my love. And it looks like you have been thoroughly spoiled over Christmas too. Good! You deserve it. :)
    That bunting sure looks lovely on your little stone mantlepiece too. Plus, you're making me crave another trip to Paris. I think I may have to persuade the Mr into taking me for a mini-break some time soon.
    Han. xxxxxxxxx

  7. Your pictures are always so beautiful Charlotte! They are so lovely & colourful :-) And I love the arrangement in the 3rd one.
    That Eiffel Tower bottle is amazing too! What a fantastic find!

    Victoria x

  8. The words and images in this post made me feel so light and happy. I'm glad you're having a wonderful time this January! Spread some of that cheer over the pond ;)

  9. Your pictures give such a cosy feeling. And who wouldn't like to snuggle with Captain Barnaby Whiskers? :D
    Isn't it great when things just follow their way - all you have to do is think positive and positive things will happen to you, like some Eiffel tower bottle waiting for you to pick it up.
    Wishing you even better rest of the year!


*Forever Love*