Time After Time

This week has felt the longest! I even had a (much needed) lazy, cosy day on Wednesday, and it was so good, but it's still only Thursday. Why is it not the weekend already?!
Not that I want to wish my precious time away, but I am wearing a ridiculously ugly headache and have done since Tuesday. I am currently tucked into bed wishing for a soothing Lavender bubble bath and big mug of tea, but honestly do not have an ounce of energy to even turn the taps.
I am hoping to sleep away this ugly grey slogg and dream of finding my missing neighbour's cat (like last night!) and wake feeling warm and refreshed and so relieved that it's Friday (oh, and pay day!).

This weekend is for being productive and creative. It shall be filled with cups of tea and inspiration, A nice warm peppermint bath and buttery croissants, Art gallery visits and purchasing wool.
What are your sweet plans?
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  1. It sounds like a lovely weekend and just the cure for a sore head. A busy one here: school planning and prep (as usual!) for next week, cleaning, ironing and cooking for a Burn's Night dinner on Saturday. I'll need a lie down come Sunday! x

  2. I hope you feel better soon, headaches are so awful. I've been battling with a few lately myself, it's not fun at all! This weekend I'll be partying for my friend's 21st birthday, and then on Sunday it's Australia Day, though the holiday makes me uncomfortable (celebrating the day white people came to Australia and slaughtered and ruined the lives of the natives... hooray?!) it will hopefully be a nice day with family. x

  3. I'm feeling relaxed just looking at these photos! I hope you feel better soon hun

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  4. Those socks are adorable! And I totally agree, this week is poop because I've been locked in my apartment studying 16 hours a day for an exam. Can't wait until next friday!!

  5. i love the first photo and i need all of these too. this is the week that seems like it will never end

  6. Your weekend sounds lovely. Mine will include one working day and one lazy day off. But Monday will see a "treasure" hunt happen. Enjoy your butter croissants and peppermint bath. X

  7. Friday and payday is a winning combo! Have a lovely weekend x

  8. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! I've been celebrating the end of exams with a movie marathon ("Tangled" included) and started the morning with a good cup of coffee with friends in a lovely little café. Time to relax! x

  9. A hot lavender bath, a big cup of tea, and fuzzy wool socks sound perfect right now :)


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