Be Mine

Happy-belated-St. Valentine's Day.
I spent Thursday evening wrapping up the little gifts I made/bought for my darling Love. Filling his card with sweet words and tying each little brown papered gift with grey blue twine.
On my day off I bought some of his favourite Swiss chocolate and at home I melted the whole bar and poured it into our chocolate bar mould. 
After leaving it to chill for a short while I sprinkled pink and gold edible glitter on the bottom side with a helping of sparkly red edible sequined hearts. I left it in the fridge to cool before Sebastian came home and I then had to hide it in my chilly craft room leaving him without a trace of a clue!
Friday morning, I got up at the normal time of 6:10 and jumped in the shower. Whilst washing my hair, Sebastian was making me a breakfast of Hot Cross Buns and tea with a vase full of pretty roses and buds. I obviously went to work feeling a little bit happy.
After what felt like a VERY long day at work, I spent my evening watching a film snuggled up to Sebastian with a nice Chinese Takeaway. It was kind of perfect. I don't think I could have handled getting dolled up and going out. I was extremely drained from a very hectic full-on week at work.
But the evening was pretty perfect.
What were your Valentine's plans? Did you get dolled up or have a chilled one like me? Did you make your gifts/cards?


  1. The flowers are beautiful! Sounds like you have had a lovely relaxed weekend so far x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely weekend! I love all your picture! Your blog is so cute :)

  3. Your wrapping is just so perfect Charlotte, and that chocolate looks so darn scrummy! x

  4. "Be my little baby". Those were the Dirty Dancing lyrics that popped into my head when I read the title of this post. : ) Sounds like a beautiful weekend!

    Jen |

  5. Love your photographs, the gifts look gorgeous!
    We had a chilled one at home which turned out to be a pretty perfect day and evening!
    Katie x

  6. I followed your blog through a different account about six years ago.. I didn't remember it when I looked back but I'm glad I found it then because it's such a gem.
    My boyfriend and I went to our favourite cafe and then went to the theaters to see the Lego movie (which turned out to be a cute, funny movie.)

    The blog I just started is

  7. Sounds like a perfect Valentine's :) xx

  8. What a lovely day :) me and D both cooked at home, I didn't fancy going out either! What a pretty card and I love brown paper packages tied up with string!xx

  9. Yes it sounds like a perfect Valentine's day! That glitter chocolate bar you made looks really cool! :)


*Forever Love*