Bon Voyage Mon Ami

Yesterday I met my darling best Alix at the train station and we spent the rainy day together in Canterbury. The day was spent chatting about food, our future, pretty tresses and dresses, more food and Paris.
We spoke about these things over a really healthy, delicious lunch at The Veg Box Cafe. With Alix being a vegan we chose this wonderfully quirky vegetarian cafe to spend our last day together and sip organic lemonade and ginger fizz.
We both ordered the Hot Vegetable Couscous for lunch, which was served in a tubby Kilner Jar (top marks for presentation)! The seasonal vegetables and couscous teamed with the yoghurt and Ras El Hanout was just the perfect combination.
I had never even known this lovely little nook had ever existed until I searched for a suitable venue for my vegan lady and I to lunch at. The cafe is tucked away down a little cobbled path just off the high street and is situated above the Wholefoods store (which is Vegetarian heaven by the way).
The decor is quite something. The huge blackboard painted wall is covered with delightful menu choices and hanging from the beams are twigs and mini paper bunting. It is quaint and lovely.

The couscous really was quite delightful but with a sweet tooth like ours we decided on a dessert. Alix had a Vegan Chocolate Cupcake and I a Rosewater and Pistachio Meringue. We washed it all down with some organic fizz and braved the blustery outdoors. We spent the next few hours choosing some pretty materials for my new project and falling in love with pale pink Zara coats.
We met our other best, Suz after work and we drove to my town house for dinner and a movie before saying our teary goodbyes to one another. As dear Alix hopped on the train back to her mother's I couldn't help but feel quite emotional. I had had a wonderful day and have enjoyed our long text chats and phone calls over the last couple of months whilst she's been back visiting Kent for Christmas.
This goodbye felt real, more believable than last July when she left. I just know this is it now. She will only come back to Kent for visits... and my wedding. Though I know she will find her feet this time and end up in France making a life for herself.
I guess this isn't Goodbye... more like See You in Paris!


  1. Looks like a lovely cafe. Sweet Blog. :)

  2. It looks like such a wonderful place, and your cake looks so scrummy too! x

  3. Looks like a gorgeous cafe :) Goodbyes are sad times indeed, but it makes the times you spend together that much more special xx

  4. Sweet little cafe! It reminds me of a cafe I used to go in a lot when I was at university, also above a whole foods shop!

  5. Being a veggie, I need to go here! Looks scrummy! Xoxo

  6. This place looks perfect, wish there were more veggie places near me!xx

  7. What a gorgeous cafe, I am vegan and always on the prowl for new eateries. All the best to your friend! XX

  8. Not a vegan myself, but always up for a hearthy organic meal at a cosy place.
    Good friends stay good friends no matter the distance between them.
    Domestic Cleaner London

  9. this places looks wonderful! i would love to eat there (being vegetarian myself)! your friend seems lovely & just think that wherever she is, you will have a place to travel to & stay!

  10. That couscous looks amazing! On the bright side, you know have more reasons to visit France!


*Forever Love*