This week I went back to work and I wish every day was Sunday! Sundays are the best. Especially this one! Sebastian made us waffles with his new American waffle maker, which means they were super fluffy and fairly big! Drizzled with Golden Syrup and washed down with tan coloured tea, it was the best breakfast. 
And seeing as Pancake Day isn't until March, I think we will HAVE to have some more waffles this Sunday (but maybe with some chocolate spread and sliced banana)!
At the end of last week I had a few days off and it was bliss. My days were filled with being creative, meeting friends and sisters for a tea, trying on wedding dresses and generally being happy.
This week I have been back at work and it has been ridiculously busy. It seems like everyone is off with some kind of illness. 
But I have tried to keep myself busy in the evenings instead of wasting them by chilling out too much.
Sewing hearts and reading letters. Sipping tea and nibbling Christmas chocolate. Searching for mini-moon getaways post Wedding and packing orders. Meeting friends over milk and papa over tea.
I have been utilising my time well lately and it makes me feel good. I try not to slouch around so much and instead do things that make me feel productive.
I still have Beauty and the Beast's 'Be My Guest' swirling around in my head and have asked Papa for it for my birthday, but as I didn't have it to watch, I watched My Little Mermaid instead and it was great. After that I wanted a Disney marathon.
I didn't. I blogged, and watched Twilight instead.
Even though I am being productive and avoiding the 'slouch', it is so hard not to when the weather is so darn miserable! The wind, the rain. I cannot deal with both of them. I dread going into town or even walking across the road with fear of the wind pushing me over! Also it is the perfect 'staying in' weather.
Only a day more of work and it's the weekend! Yay. 
What are your V day plans? I think Sebastian and I are staying in with a film and a chinese takeaway. Then I will spend the weekend sewing and drawing and writing and snuggling up to him in the evenings whilst we watch more films. I may even persuade him to go to the cinema to watch the new Zac Efron movie.


  1. Mmm those waffles look delicious! Sounds like a lovely few days being creative and productive - and how exciting that you are trying on wedding dresses! That must be so much fun.
    Kim x
    grace & flower

  2. Those waffles are making me hungry! Lovely pictures, sounds like the perfect way to spend your time; being creative, spending time with loved ones, AND watching films. Also trying on wedding dresses must have been fab! x

    Oh So Bridie | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  3. It looks like you've had an awesome week! Waffles and wedding dresses - perfect!

    Victoria x

  4. Your blog is so beautiful, I just had to follow straight away! x

  5. This sounds like a very exciting time you have been having. Waffles look amazing. Wedding dresses look beautiful. Scissors look adorable. Tea looks essential :-)

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

  6. How I love your blog :) and this sort of posts are definitely my favourite! It looks like you'd been having a truly lovely time and I could not be more happy for you !
    All the photos are wonderful, you are always able to capture beautiful moments filled with deliate and vintage perfection :)
    Those waffles look very delicious !



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