Love Just Is.

This week I have been trying on wedding dresses and thinking about it all a little more. I found a special dress... another special dress. So I need to drag mother around the shops with me to try them on again!

I have known Sebastian since we were FOUR years old and sometimes I get a feeling. A feeling of 'Oh my goodness! I'm with Sebastian! From school!!' 'Giggle giggle'! Even though he isn't a super cheeky joker (as much) as I remember him from school, It feels weird to think we actually were really good friends. 
Our love happened years after school. It's like we'd forgotten about each other and it was brand new.

Anyway, my point is 'that feeling' is now a feeling of 'Oh my goodness! I'm marrying Sebastian!' And a whirl of butterflies and excitement. I cannot wait.


  1. Awh this is so charming. I ADORE the name Sebastian. It's on my future little people name list. :)

    I'm sure you're going to look SO STUNNING in your wedding gown. I'm so excited for you. :) xxx

  2. This is so so sweet :) I love love stuff.
    You're going to look stunnnnnnning in your dress, I know it! And have the most magical day. Xx

  3. This is so lovely. Its good to see you're enjoying the wedding planning and not feeling down like the other week.
    So excited to see more of your wedding planning, I'm sure it will be beautiful and filled with pastel loveliness and sparkles.

  4. this is really cute ;) cheers to you & sebastian!

  5. This is so so gorgeous! Hope the rest of your wedding planning goes swimmingly, so much fun.
    M x Life Outside London

  6. I love that quote. I'm getting married in August and found my perfect dress after never thinking I'd ever find "the one" I hope you find the dress of your dreams!x

  7. So sweet! That's so special, falling in love and marry to a childhood friend, someone you know such a long time ago. I love to hear this kind of lovely stories!:)

  8. A beautiful poem with a beautiful post! I'm so excited for you!! I saw your Instagram post earlier in the week with the rail of beautiful gowns and it made me happy and hopeful that one day I might be choosing my own lovely frock! It's definitely a strange thought sometimes when you step outside of yourself and think, really think, about being with the person you're with and what they mean to you. I find it very surreal! Good luck with all of your wedding plans :) xxx

  9. I love how happy you are- it makes me happy just reading it!
    I'm sure you'll find the right dress, your blog looks great so I'm sure your taste in dresses is top notch too :)

  10. Beautiful, I am so happy for you both! H x

  11. This is truly lovely. Good luck with the dress shopping!


*Forever Love*