Lucky Five

So I mentioned that my little online shop was re-opening... This will happen tomorrow. (Yay)! In my last blog post I also told you lovelies that for the first 24 hours there will be 10% off. The code for this is TTDEROPENSESAME and you can enter it in the promotional code box at checkout.
There will also be an extra special LIMITED EDITION gift (for FREE!) for the first FIVE customers that place an order tomorrow. This gift is a Packet of Pegs with my very special TTDER wallpaper on them.

I should tell you that I have the smallest strip of this wallpaper left and it is very dear to me (hence why it is an 'extra special' gift!). The story from which it came from happened one very sunny Saturday morning at the cattle market in Nottingham, which is where I went to University. I woke up early and strolled down the streets to the market with my friend in search for lovely things for my Final year project. I bought dusky (& musky) pink lampshades and a selection of wonderful mixed teacups and saucers, old photo frames and pictures. And I saw those four or five rolls of vintage looking wallpaper waiting patiently for me to purchase.
I wasn't sure what to do with them but decided to use the majority of it on my stand at our Final Fashion Show. It was a pretty little corner I must admit... but I was definitely gutted that I couldn't reuse any of it! So I scanned a piece in and made it my blog wallpaper and now it is a part of my life.
So my darlings... I hope you agree that this tiny but special gift is pretty wonderful. Sentimental, useful and pretty! In fact I want a packet for myself.
So be sure to check the twitter page tomorrow to see when the planned opening time will be. 
I have some sewing to do and some tea to drink. Goodnight beautiful beings.


  1. I will definitely check this out!! I actually just wrote a post on Etsy. I love buying jewelry from there!! Im excited to see what you put up :)

  2. So looking forward to seeing your gorgeous Etsy shop up and going again, can't wait to see what treasures are hidden inside! xx

  3. I'm so excited to see your shop when it's re-opened, I've not seen it before but going by your impeccable taste and that gorgeous floral wallpaper with it's wonderful back story, it's safe to say I'm going to love it. Those little pegs are so sweet, did you make them yourself? I'm just wondering where you got your gift bags from, they're lovely! xxx

  4. those pegs are so beautiful! the wall paper is so gorgeous!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!


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