"Magic Is Might". Bloggers Do Hogwarts

"Platform 9 and 3/4's? Think ya being funny do ya?!"
On Sunday I hopped on a couple of trains, one at Platform 9 (not 3/4 unfortunately!) and went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London. Organised by the beautiful Jenny, I met up with her and a handful of lovely bloggers. I was excited to meet some lovely people, some that I couldn't wait to finally meet! Jenny, who played mum handed us our tickets and a lovely goodie bag! Oh my. We really were spoilt! Each goodie bag was filled with a Wand (I got Voldemort's wand!), a stuffed toy (I got Fang), a box of Peppermint Toads and a Chocolate Frog. LUCKY.

The Making of Harry Potter
Potion's Class. This was one of my favourite bits. I loved looking at all the labelled jars and it's content. So much thought and detail! Those handwritten labels and the contents in the glass jars were all completely different.
I loved every minute of looking in and around the sets, eyeing up the props and little details. I was surprised at how much detail there was! So much work (and fun) must have gone into everything. Just so Amazing!
Griffindor common room 
Dumbledore's memory cabinet- I just love these little pastel vials. I want my very own collection!
Dolores Umbridge's office
Another favourite part was looking at all the design and graphics. Newspapers, the Quibbler, Love Potion (I want a little bottle), the Sweets packagings, the Yule Ball invitations, the money, all just absolutely perfect. And to think, you only get to see it for a matter of seconds!
Pretty Alice with a Butterbeer (turns out Jenny & I were the only ones that LOVED it!) 
 Number 4 Privet Drive
Lovely Sara in her beautiful Magenta Pink coat with Hedwig

"Say it nice and clear now Harry, Diagon Alley" "Diagonally!"
Diagon Alley. My favourite. I wish this place was real. I really do. The streets would be far more interesting and pretty wonderful... Plus Ollivander's!!
Little Crookshanks (or Prince?) (Ok, so this is the cat I NEED!)
I loved peering into the shop window's at the apothecary bottles and the ice creams. I loved reading signs, like 'The sale of Unicorn blood is forbidden- Do Not Ask'. I loved the model of the giant kid 'Puking Pastilles'. It was all so... well... Magical!
After accepting I had to leave the street where Gringotts was, we went into the next section where all the mock up models were. Wow! So much talent. Looking at all the hard work and intricate details that went in to each piece just took my breath away. Stunning.
I walked into the final room (the giant gift shop does not count!) and I got goosebumps. I guess this is the part where I was informed I would cry. I didn't. Though I did take in the amazing efforts and spectacular structure and pure beauty of Hogwarts.
So after a browse in the giant gift shop and filling my arms with Chocolate Frogs, Every Flavour Beans, Fizzing Whizzbangs and a magnet, we said our goodbyes.
After saying my goodbyes to the lovely ladies I just met and making a quick plan with Jenny to meet up again soon, off I went to home.
Wow. What a day. 

"Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans?!" "They mean every flavour!"
So getting home, after a meal out with my soon-to be second set of Grandparents, I couldn't wait to show Sebastian my little haul.
I am so excited with my treats... though I'm not sure I really want to eat those Every Flavour Beans. Firstly the box looks too pretty! Secondly, I am not keen on nibbling on any Earwax, Vomit or Dirt any time soon!
Thank you again lovely Jenny for organising such an Amazingly Magical day. If you are a Harry Potter fan I really do recommend going, it was pretty darn cool. I am already planning on going again with my darling mother and nephews. Family trip!
I may even HAVE to purchase my very own Harry or Ron jumper next time... which I resisted to buy on Sunday.


  1. This looks like so much fun and your photos are awesome! My trip to the UK this summer is in the final planning stages and I really hope we can meet up somewhere along the way. :) xoxo

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I went just after it opened, so was so unsure what it'd be like and if it would be worth the money but I'm so glad I went, it really exceeded my expectations! Can you still ride a broomstick? I loved the butter beer as well :D

  3. Goodness me! This has reminded me how much I want to go to Harry Potter world, I keep hinting to the fella but I think I have to do more then hint for him to get the message. Looks like you had a fab time and how cute is that cat?!?! xx

  4. Ok this is a dream come true. I am such a Potterhead, this is a must the next time I'm in UK!

    Tamara's Blend

  5. OH MY GOSSHHHHH, your photos are simply stunning! I've been myself and even so I found myself sighing at loud as I scrolled down, they really took me back! :)

    Sarah Elizabeth xx

  6. I went to the studio tour last year and I'm already dying to go back! Love it so much xx

  7. Looks like you had an amazing time, I went to the studio tour in December and I loved every minute, Hogwarts was covered in snow which was so magical!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  8. Wow! Looks absolutely incredible! I'm so envious :)

  9. I bet you're glad that you took your proper camera now. Such a lovely day, I'm still all giddy from it :)

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  10. Looks like an amazing day out, everyone I know who has been absolutely loved it!


  11. I went for my birthday last year, it really is lots of fun!! And those beans.. wow the dirt ones are horrid! But there are some nice flavours in there, just make sure you check the box first :) xx

  12. Oh my gosh this is all so absolutely perfect. I love the little details they put into everything! I saw the exhibit when it came to Australia and it was so awe inspiring. It is so magical.

  13. I'd love a gorgeous cat like Crookshanks! So cute. I loved this place when I went :)

  14. Ahh, this looks so wonderful! I'm going this month too - can hardly wait. Will be a fun day out and I'm already planning what goodies to buy! The chocolate frogs look cute :)

  15. I loved every minute of the day, but I have to admit Diagon Alley was pretty special - I grinned like a Cheshire cat when I walked around the corner and found myself standing at the bottom of it!

  16. Oh how it kills me everytime I see post about the Harry Potter studio tour. I am dying to go there, and I am convinced I would never want to leave once I'll be there. Hopefully I will go this summer, I cannot wait to see all this.


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