Sneaky Peek- TTDER Etsy

It has taken me far too long to get making and to re-open my Etsy shop, but I am finally getting some pieces together for the grand re-opening at the weekend! I haven't quite made up my mind at which point it will be just yet, but I will be sure to update you via Twitter and Facebook.
This little post is to give you a little peek at what you might be able to find when exploring TTDER on Etsy. You will find little packets of handmade pegs (with a little sparkle), pouches of hand selected vintage buttons, broken vintage tea plate brooches... and fridge magnets. There will be miniature recycled glass jar necklaces filled with crystals/ flowers/ teeny, tiny characters and wonderfully smelling Lavender filled hearts.
Each product is a mixture of handmade and vintage and has been thought about carefully and aesthetically. I have considered what I would like to receive, as a product and a package and I would love any feedback you have to offer (please).
It has taken a while already... and I still have so much to offer, so I will just happily keep adding down the line.A more detailed post to follow. But please do remember to keep checking Twitter and Facebook as I am offering a 10% discount on opening day and a lucky extra for the first FIVE customers.


  1. Everything looks wonderful and crafted with love. <3 I'm so excited to browse through your shop!

  2. oooh I'm definitely excited for this.

    And imagining just what sort of shawl I could knit to match those brooches

  3. It all looks lovely Charlotte <3 <3 I will try my hardest to be one of the first 5 customers!! xxx

  4. Everything looks amazing Charlotte! I love the map heart and jar necklace! x

  5. Everything looks beautiful, I love the Lavender filled hearts. Goof luck with the reopen.


  6. I'm so in love with those pegs! Can't wait until the store opens. x


*Forever Love*