Trinkets and Treasures

At the weekend I re-opened my shop.
There are lots to look at on the virtual shelves of my Etsy shop; Lavender filled hearts with pretty fabrics (including lovely maps of Paris and duck egg/blush florals), Pastel coloured and glittery pegs, packets of hand selected Vintage buttons, Little glass jar necklaces filled with crystals or woodland scenes of Cat ladies and Adventurers, and Vintage broken tea-plate pieces made into brooches and fridge magnets.
Imagine this little piece on a chunky mustard knitted jumper or on a sweet pan blouse! Or even part of a collection of vintage brooches on a grey tweed blazer with a tartan scarf draping around your neck. There are an array of beautiful pieces available from different vintage plates.
I almost did not want to part with some of the lovely ceramic pieces. Knowing they are a one-of-kind piece of jewellery/magnet made me a little sad to give them up. But that would be very selfish of me not to share these special treats!
The pretty vintage magnets look so great on a pastel smeg or brilliant white fridge, amongst pastel 'feel good' postcards or a vintage flyer, or even a black & white photograph of your child's toothless grin. I think these are so different and the fact they are completely unique make them quite special.
The smaller items available are the Peg Packets and the Vintage Button Pouches. I think these are nice little extras and are the perfect item to add your pin board or sewing boxes.  The pegs would look fab added to a gift too. Place a name tag and a sprig of lavender through it and attach it to a piece of coloured twine. It is all about the finishing touches!
If you would like a little browse, or looking to buy a little gift for yourself or a friend's/relative's birthday then have a more detailed look at what's on offer here.


  1. These are so cute I just couldn't resist!!
    Good luck with your shop.

    1. Rebekah!
      Thank you so much for your order! It is on it's way to you!

  2. so cute! good luck with the shop!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  3. so excited for you that your shop has reopened!! as soon as i get on my feet i will be making a few purchases - i've got my eye on those tea plate brooches!! xxx

  4. So cute! I love the neckleace, I will have to have a look H x


  5. The first necklace is adorable - it's like a doll's house piece. You are too cute for words. xx

  6. Your blog is just so cute, I love all your photos!



  7. You've done such a lovely job of merchandising and photographing it all. <3 xoxo


*Forever Love*