A little Positive goes a Long Long way

This is kind of a double negative, so I wasn't sure whether to show this or not! But it is somewhat true.
Perhaps it should read 'A Positive Mind will give you a Positive Life!'*
Anyway the point is... The more positive thinking that goes on in your head the more it'll show and the more positive you will feel. This will then rub off on other people and boom! Sending everyone your positive vibes and the earth will be a lot nicer to live in.
Kind of like the contagious smile!

Spread the positivity people!

*NB. The trick is to never counter-act your positive point with a negative one. So less of the never, no, can't and more of the yes, will, can! Hence why this quote probably is not the best. But at least I have corrected it & shared the knowledge. Non?!


  1. That is a funny little quote isn't it. Using those negative words makes it sounds negative. I like your better! During some of my 'positive thinking' training we were always told not to use negative words. So don't say to yourself in the mirror 'you don't look ugly today' but 'you look beautiful today'.

    Positive thoughts breed positive results.

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who picks up on double negatives and points them out haha, it's the literature student in me (and still studying - when will the grammar correction and so on ever end :)). A true statement though, I always give people a smile and a happy greeting in work and it makes me so happy when I go into a shop or anywhere and the assistant is nice to me - it makes such a difference! That's just one example of how being positive makes a difference, but there are so many ways to incorporate positivity into your life and therefore into others :) spread the happiness! xxx

  3. Love this, such a weird yet true quote! I've been trying to keep positive lately, no matter how dark or negative things seem to get, and often how I look at and view situations really does effect the outcome! x

  4. Aw this is such a nice thought, and with all this beautiful weather (and therefore an increase in going outside and cycling etc) everything is looking positive right now!:)xx

  5. I have to say Miss Charlotte, I am thoroughly enjoying your 'Motivational March'. Very inspiring. <3

  6. This is basically my "mantra". I am a firm believer that positive thoughts breed positive actions and negative thoughts breed negative actions. I have a hard time being around overly negative people as well, they just bring my mood down.

    Stay postive!


  7. I love the idea of Motivational March! I will put it into play on Monday, as thats my 25th Birthday and I'll be in need of inspiration!! So glad to have found your blog, just sitting down with a cuppa to have a good read! :) Hope you have a great weekend! Katie


*Forever Love*