A Penny for your Thoughts

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Just a few of my favourite things. Skeleton keys, a pretty inspirational quote, pink candyfloss hair, this darling building from The Grand Budapest Hotel, sweet sparkly acorns.
And tea. Always tea!
Tell me, what are your favourite things? Apart from brown paper packages tied up with string of course.


  1. Ahhhhh, that was a visual treat :) thanks x

  2. Oh, I'm in love with that hair, I want it!:)

  3. Those acorns are the cutest thing I've seen in a while! x

  4. Cheesy reply: your blog is one of my favorite things! (cheesy but true)
    Such a pretty pretty collection of pictures! I am dying to see the Grand Budapest Hotel.

  5. Skeleton keys are one of my favourite things too! Your little photo list is lovely, as are all of your posts (and your Pinterest boards..!). I want to make glittery acorns but I haven't found a real acorn for years, there's no shortage of pine cones around here though. Some of my favourite things are the moon, conkers, and leaves xxx


*Forever Love*