Motivational March: Guest Post ii

As part of Motivational March, I have another guest blogger for you, the wonderful Jenny from Sunny Sweet Pea. She has knocked up a delightfully healthy smoothie for us to enjoy on this fine Tuesday afternoon.

Hi. I'm Jenny from Sunny Sweet Pea. If, like me, you've decided to give up sweet things for lent, then I hope this smoothie I've created for Charlotte will brighten your day and keep thoughts of sweet treats at bay. This smoothie is dairy free.

You will need:
Half an avocado
Half a banana
Half a tin, juices drained, of frozen peaches
About 250ml of orange juice
I always use tinned peaches in my smoothies. You're best putting them in the freezer as this ensures they whizz up perfectly smoothly without any bits.

Put everything in your blender at once and whizz up until smooth. If you feel you need more liquid, then just add a little more orange juice.


For more healthy (& unhealthy-but ridiculously delicious) recipes from Jenny, go follow her lovely blog (or via bloglovin). You will also read about adventures with her pup Pip, a huge amount of AMAZING photography and a few youtube vlogs sprinkled around.


  1. I love Jenny's blog!

    I wish I could drink smoothies at the moment, I'm not allowed any fruit or vegetables and it's killing me!

    1. well that is rubbish!! Steer clear of this bad boy then :P x

  2. I'm really liking avocado at the moment, this looks delicious!xx

  3. J, this looks awesome. Might just be on my to-make list... when I buy a blender...

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

  4. Yummy & vegan friendly! I love banana & avocado milkshakes too!

    Oui Je T'aime Aussi

  5. The ingredients seems so random, but I can see why it would make a really yummy smoothie! I've never tried Avocado in a smoothie, I think I'm going to have to give it a go. XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk


*Forever Love*