Motivational March: Guest Post iii

I have selected some of my favourite people to take part in my Motivational March series and have them share some pretty wise words (& recipes) with you.
So it is my pleasure to introduce you to my favourite illustrator, (pastel perfection!) darling Natasha from Velvet Wolves.

Hello TTDER readers, you lovelies, you! Hope you're all well and having a joyous start to the month of March! So far it's brought with it sunshine which has meant picnics, an excuse to have tea in the garden with victoria sponge cake and pink milk with pastel straws. 
Darling Charlotte has been ever so kind and invited me to share what inspires and motivates me, especially as a fellow creative. Now where hopping bunny pyjamas and tea in bed call to you even on the busiest of days, being your own boss can be super hard sometimes and getting on with your endless to do list seems impossible. In terms of life, I'd say do what makes you happy, your life doesn't have to be exactly like a Tom Hanks / Meg Ryan film, smile at the little things, hang out with people you like, go see the places you think are the prettiest or who have the best hamburgers, twirl around playing your most favourite song, make breakfast at midnight and talk until the early hours about your hopes and dreams, then do one or two! 
Having a super cool soundtrack helps immensely, guilty pleasures are also totally fine as there's usually no one else around to tell you skip the track.
Tv shows
I love a bit of Dawson's Creek / GIRLS / Game of Thrones ( the list goes on and on) these are great escapes and little rituals you can have with your other half or family, have a pizza party.

I'm super shy and sometimes I just want to curl into a ball under a mountain of quilts and pillows and shut out the world but I can't all the time. It's really good to get into the habit of saying yes to hanging out more, meeting friends for a milkshake, giggling at silly things, it's all good for you. 
Treat yourself
You deserve a little something, whether it's a cup of hot chocolate in your favourite cafe, a forest walk, a super deep bubble bath or purchasing that pretty notebook (yes, it's fine to have 500 different ones that are way too beautiful to ever write in, at least your shelves look pretty, right?!) 
Dream. Do what you love. Live
All of these things are different to each person, and you're awesome so do them all, as much as you can, then you'll have some amazing stories to tell and a super fresh collection of memories you've made.

For more wonderful words, pretty wishlists and pastel beauty go follow her blog (or via bloglovin) where you will find that and so much more.
I urge you to pay her lovely Etsy shop a visit too, it is filled with such talented prints including portraits of the lovely Zooey, Alexa, Lana and more. Ooh and my favourite- her mini zine collection! Love!


  1. This is a dreamy little post! I'm off to follow Natasha's blog now…!

    Oui Je T'aime Aussi

  2. What a lovely post! It really is inspirational. x


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