Motivational March: Guest Post iv

I have an inspirational French beauty to introduce to you now. Melodie from Les Falbalas.
She bakes, she makes London look so dreamy and she takes a lovely photo. But most importantly, she dreamt and then she did!
Many people told me how "lucky" they thought I was to live in London. The truth is, even if luck has a part in every situation, me settling here has nothing to do with luck but hard and constant work. It's lovely to daydream (and believe me, I spend a lot of my everyday life day dreaming ;)), but sometimes when you really want the dream to come true, you simply have to make it happen! The first time I moved to the UK, it was in 2009. I had just finished my first degree and really wanted to see new things. Plus, I've always wanted to be able to speak English fluently (although I still need to work a bit on this ;)). So even before the university year had ended, I started looking around for opportunities abroad. Thankfully, European universities have great programmes to help students move abroad. I applied for a job as a French Teaching Assistant, and even though I was the only one applying with a BA in History of Art (all the others had an English degree), I made them give me the job. By this I mean that I had to show the jury that I was worth sending to London. I had to ask my professors to write letters about me, to show th3at I was a good student, and I also had to prove that my English was good enough even though I had only studied it at school. Many hours of work and stress later, I finally got the answer: not only did I get the job, but also one in London, which was my first choice!

Lesson learned: it is possible to get what you want, you just have to work really hard for it.
Even though my English was good enough for French teachers, it was really hard to communicate during the first few weeks after my arrival in the UK. I would say that the first three months were the hardest (nobody could speak French, not even the French teachers I was working with!) So I had no choice but to work on my language skills. I decided to study English in addition to my part-time job (plus a waitress job I got to get the extra cash I needed).

I must admit that I didn't choose the easiest path (I seem to always do that, no matter what), but I needed the money and I really wanted to be fluent in English so I thought I just had to do it. It's been a really tough year, mentally and physically. In addition to this, my landlady (which was also my house mate) was a complete bitch (pardon my French). Not fun. I did not have the time and energy to look for another place to live so I stayed until my contract ended. Then I left England and thought I would never come back.

A few months later, I started missing London and my friends. After 10 months spent in France, I decided to go back to London and get some more adventure. I gave myself two weeks to find a job or I would have to go back home. But since I was determined to stay, I spent each day sending hundreds of CVs, hoping that somebody would actually answer me at some point. After a week and a half, I took a job as a Waitress (again!), just to make sure I could pay my rent. Only a few days later, I got an office job. It was not amazingly paid and it was only for a short amount of time so once again, I accumulated 2 jobs + my studies. 

Lesson learned: any experience is good, as it teaches you something, and it permits you to meet new people and possibly to make new friends. 
Since then, I had a lot of different jobs, mostly in Finance. Then I graduated (last summer). After this, I decided that working in a job I disliked with two degrees and two languages was simply not good enough anymore. So I quit my job and started looking for a position in the art field. I had been volunteering and working as an intern for free for a LONG time (and completed several internships on top of maintaining a job in a pub). Then I finally got a paid position. This was really really hard and hardly paid at all. But it was gold for my CV. After I spent 6 or 7 months there, I decided to leave as I wasn't happy. I gave a month notice and before the end I managed to find another job in a big gallery/event space. This happened so naturally that I still can’t believe it: I visited the venue by chance, loved it and sent them a very enthusiastic email with my CV attached… and they replied!

I’ve just started and I have a month trial before I actually get the job (fingers crossed!), but I did it: I got a full time job in art, with a decent salary. So now I spend my days dealing with creative and oh so inspirational people, in a great venue, planning exhibitions and events. I am so glad I decided to get out of my comfort zone and quit my finance job. I know that otherwise, I would have never got to this point.

Lesson learned: if you never try, you never get.

For more inspiration, some delightful recipes and more beautiful photographs go and check out her lovely blog where you will find all that and so much more.
I am now going to write a list of everything I want to do and actually do them!


  1. this post really motivated and inspired me, no kidding :)

  2. I think this has been my favourite guest post of Motivational March thus far. I think it's important to have dreams, but even more so, to work on making them happen! If you can see it, it can & will happen & when you follow your heart & do what you love, you tend to find things just fall naturally into place, like how Melodie found her current job! Great & inspiring post! xxx

  3. Wow, Melodie is awesome!! Seriously, I am now feeling very inspired to actually GO and DO ALL THE THINGS. Screw the fact it's 11pm and I don't know what those things are, but I now feel like with a bit of hard work I could achieve all sorts of awesome things.

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

  4. Working hard and perserverance is what got me to London as well - I can't imagine doing it with a language barrier on top of everything else! Dreaming big is always worth it in the end, isn't it? Congrats on getting to where you want to be, like everyone is saying - you're an inspiration!!

  5. I love this post so much! :) it makes me happy. I'm also a new reader of your blog, I'm really enjoying it! X

  6. I loved reading this! And though I heard bits and pieces of Melodie's story over tea and cakes with her it's encouraging to read it all in one straight go especially at this time in my life where I just need to keep moving forward. Thanks Charlotte and thanks Melodie <3 I'm so glad I have met you both in this last year - x!

  7. Such an inspiring post!



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