Motivational March: Guest Post v

The lovely miss Sarah from Sarah-Wynne is sharing a little inspiration with us today. A little hand-written inspiration.
I am so thrilled to be featured on TTDER as part of Motivational March! My post features some pink and sparkly parcels I recently mailed, including one for dear Charlotte.
Exchanging letters, stickers, and little presents with my pen pals is a constant source of creativity, and helps me feel connected to a larger community of wonderful people. E-mail and texting are essential to my life but snail mail is by far my favorite method of communication, as it is delightfully tangible. I'm a lifelong paper enthusiast and love sharing my creations with others, knowing that the mail I send will brighten the recipient's day.
I hope it has cheered you as well, and inspired you to write a letter for someone you love (or just like a lot)! 

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I am now going to write back to my darling pen friends and fill their envelopes with golden stars, floral taped up papers, motivational postcards and pressed flowers.


  1. This is such a cute idea, I used to write letters all the time but it's so tricky nowadays when we have such fast technology!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  2. How lovely! You've inspired me to pick up my pen and send some handwritten letters :)

  3. I love letter writing and had lots of penpals when I was younger (friends from primary school who had moved away because a lot of them had dad's in the army) and my relatives from hong kong would buy me stationery sets like this. You just can't beat a handwritten letter, one of the best feelings ever! x

  4. This is so wonderful! I love sending and receiving letters in the post, it is by far the best method of communication :) xxx

  5. I love letter writing and have recently become a "little" obsessed with snailmail pictures on Instagram. I am pining for a penpal at the moment as i have a stack of pretty handmade envelopes screaming to be stamped and sent. x

  6. These are absolutely adorable! Who knew letters could be so pretty!

  7. Such a sweet post - Sarah I think anyone would be instantly happy opening up one of your letters <3 I have some letters to write this week and I feel more inspired now - x!

  8. this is absolutely fabulous. I use to love having pen pals! Might start it back up x


*Forever Love*