Motivational March: Guest Post vi

So a few of my favourites have been guest posting about their inspirations, their dreams and what motivates them. It is now time for lovely Rachel from Cold Knees to share with us some of her healthy juice ideas and pretty styled photos.
Hello lovely readers of Charlotte's blog! I'm Rachel and I have a little blog that I've been neglecting of late, but one thing I never seem to neglect for long is Instagram where I like to post pretty flowers and also healthy juices I've made..  If you need motivating I find there's - sometimes nothing better than making something really healthy - but is also nice and easy to make! Also it's a good excuse to get out all the paper straws I have and get colour coordinating :p
I recently bought a juicer from Argos (not too expensive) and have been having fun making all sorts of juices. I worried at first I'd have to follow recipes but really, anything goes. One of my favourites is the green juice and I generally just chuck in anything I can find in the fridge!
To make the green one pictured I juiced;
- 2 apples
- a good handful of spinach
- a chunk of cucumber
- a few florets of broccoli
- a few mint leaves
- a little bit of fresh ginger
- squeeze of lemon and lime

But the quantities can be anything you want! And it tastes amazing. Definitely good to wake you up in the morning!
My other favourite is the easy peasy smoothie which literally just has a banana, some frozen berries, almond milk and a handful of porridge oats (also flax seeds which I did buy specially). 

Nothing beats a really healthy start to your day when you can.
And flowers always brighten up a room- they definitely motivate me, especially if I'm feeling down- I could probably buy a bunch a day if it wasn't for all the money I'd spend..

I hope this has inspired you a little to get mushing up some fruit and veg for a really tasty and healthy snack!
I really love this idea. I have tried and tried to eat better of late- to get into shape, but also to just feel healthier. I have been feeling so tired and worn out lately, I am quite sure that these may do the trick... with added pastel straw and paper doily of course!

For more delicious recipes, beautiful blooms and pretty outfits, go give her blog a follow (or via Bloglovin). You won't be disappointed!

I am now off to make a shopping list filled with delightful fruits and a bunch of pretty blooms.


  1. Beautiful floral snaps are always my favourite! The juices look lovely too! Although, broccoli juice… x

    Alix | Oui Je T'aime Aussi

  2. You take wonderful pictures, and I must get on this smoothie train every morning/ at least once a day. I find I get too lazy to chop everything up. *le sigh

  3. Ah I love this post! Charlotte, I feel like you are building a community of aficionados in all sorts of beautiful things - and yes I just used a really obscure word, but it seemed to fit best ;).
    Rachel, your style of juicing complete with doilies and matching straws is perfect! Just what I needed to read about and answers the question of how I'm going to make up for all the coffee and tea I drink...


*Forever Love*