Motivational March

By Retoyman

Focus more on what you want rather than what doesn't matter.

There is a fantastic website called Thoughtful Mind which is filled with inspirational and motivational quotes. You can sign up to receive daily quotes which can really help keep you on track.

Sebastian gets one sent to his email everyday which he then shares with everyone at work. For most, work is a distraction from what we really want and this piece of daily inspiration will help you stay focused on the things you DO want.
It's good to focus on the dreams you want and not the daydreams about cats (unless of course you really do want a cute fluffy kitty)!


  1. ee love it! always thinking about kitties!

  2. I loveee this. I saw it on Twitter and immediately thought of myself. I like to blame it on the calmness of cats though and how this is a good thing to seep into my thoughts! xxx

  3. Aw that's such a great idea! I'm totes signing up for that! I need all the motivation I can get, as we know. I will miss your Motivational March. Can you just be Motivational Charlotte from now on? :D

    P.S. I totally daydream about you, me, Sebastian & my bearded husband going on jaunts to India. Can we work on this please? Thank you. <3

  4. I've just signed up! I love a good inspiring quote :)



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