So, other than filling my house and my friends' houses with flowers and throwing out all my old clothes (and by 'throwing' I mean giving away- I would never throw anything away!), I have been feeling a little.. not myself. 
Instead of making or blogging or reading, I have been watching rubbish on television and nibbling on creme eggs. I should be making the most of my creativity... but I haven't. So not to be a distant lady, I have compiled a few snaps and written a brief  'Life Lately' post.
I have been spending evenings with my bestest watching Twilight, visiting lovely tearooms and watching a pair of talented guys play a bit of Classical meets Folk... in a church (new hang out?) whilst sipping wine and tea!
I have started buying pieces for my new wardrobe... including frilly socks- it had to be done!
I have put on a miniature Pre-Birthday/Easter spread for my dear family and loved ones, oh and meeting up with darling family members who I haven't seen in FAR too many years and talking about future babies and such. I have also been admiring the beautiful Spring flowers and pretty blossom trees, still. Gosh, isn't Spring a beauty this year?!
I have been celebrating my Twenty-Seventh birthday with loved ones and getting extremely spoilt and feeling ridiculously loved and lucky. I also spent the majority of my birthday in tears from a terrible hair disaster which basically included two bottles of bleach, one bottle of toner, way too much white and patchy yellow parts, a brush filled with clumps of my poor hair and a trip to the hairdressers. £71 later, a puffy eyed Charlotte and extremely frizzled dry hair, I am a brunette... again.
Not quite the look OR the day I had in mind but hey, I am able to go outside without a hat on.
Sebastian was amazing! He also made me the yummiest waffle ever with homemade chocolate spread and pearly sprinkles. What a babe!
So, after claiming the whole week as my birthday, due to the day's circumstances, I went on my merry way to lunch with a work friend on Tuesday. The weather has been good to me!
I then spent more time with my bestest today, feeding goats and tickling pigs after a lovely cream tea in a sweet glass house. We bought honeycomb, chocolate pigs and ambled around giggling at the chickens, more about that another time.
Tomorrow I am off to spend my birthday money on clothes and Euros, snack on burritos and then Sebastian and I are off to lovely Paris for a long weekend break. See you next week with lots of pictures and lovely stories. Happy Easter lovelies.


  1. The Easter spread you put on for your family looked lovely! Hope you have a nice time in Paris, that sounds exciting :)!

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  2. All your pictures are so so lovely. I hope you have a fantastic rest of the week! P.S. Those frilly socks, I dieeee <3

  3. I just love your photo updates with all of their sweet details. <3 Have you received my package yet?

  4. Gorgeous pictures .. all the sunshine and flowers and food .. heaven! That pub looks so cute!

    Chloe x

  5. Your blog is gorgeous Charlotte. Hope you're feeling better. We all go through phases where we feel a bit 'blah.' Maybe you'll perk up when the sun comes out more. Beautiful pics as ever. xx

  6. This is the prettiest 'lately' post I've seen in yonks! Beautiful photos.
    Wishing you a speedy mojo recovery and a belated happy birthday.
    M x Life Outside London

  7. New here Charlotte :) Love your photos and the snippets. I particularly love the shots of flowers. Happy birthday by the way :)

    Marj (Chinwags and Tittle-Tattles)

  8. Lot of fun in Paris! I can not wait photos from this adventure. :)
    Barbara , zorionart

  9. You look great as a brunette, don't worry we've all been there with the hideous hair disasters. I once bleached my own hair, which went a rather peculiar shade of green. Thank god for hairdressers! Have a wonderful weekend in Paris! xx

  10. Gorgeous photos as always! I love that top! & those musicians sound interesting ;) Hope you have a wonderful easter!

  11. Oh I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling yourself, and that you had a hair disaster! Definitely allowed to claim the whole week as your birthday after that!! Have a lovely, lovely time in Paris, I can't wait to hear all about it!

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer


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