Life Without Love is like a Tree Without Blossoms or Fruit.

 "Spring is the time of plans and projects" -Leo Tolstoy

Isn't Spring the prettiest of all?! Being surrounded by all these beautiful Blossom trees is just beyond dreamy. I think for it to be April all year round would be one hundred percent acceptable... minus the April Showers (cue music... Drip drip drop...)! I would obviously HAVE to have a birthday every month too.
On Saturday I had such a lovely morning. Setting my alarm for a reasonable time and getting up instead of dosing felt nice. Sebastian and I wandered into town and got ourselves a lovely milkshake, me a Parma Violets (no surprise there!) and Sebastian a Peanut Butter. We completed our little errands and en route home we stumbled upon the prettiest churchyard filled with beautiful blossom. The grounds are in full bloom.
We walked past the sweetest little museum, which has probably been there forever and I have never been in, so we stepped inside the old 'Visitors Information' (& once Grammar School) building to have a wee browse. Oh so much treasure in one teeny tiny building. It was like Little Mermaid's trove. They covered the wartime, they covered the old railway and more. It was shockingly good and to think we nearly walked straight past!
It was such a random decision and I had such fun. Sebastian and I don't do enough together let alone spontaneous trips to the local museum! It was a pretty wonderful morning. I am so looking forward to wandering around the museums and galleries in Paris with him next week. Oh and skipping down the Champs Elysee with a box of macarons in one hand and his in the other. Perfection.
We then finished the day off going through our cupboards and drawers and sorting out our clothes in piles; Keep, dispose, charity and Ebay. Oh my I have NO clothes left. I cannot believe what a secret hoarder I am. I also cannot believe how many pretty tops I have and had completely forgotten about! Oops.
Anyway, gotta make room for new pretties! What with my birthday, Paris and a new job. Oh what I didn't tell you about that?! Yup, I have a new job.
Have a lovely Thursday tea drinkers and milkshake sippers. I have so much planned over the next few days I hope to be back here before my birthday... After all, I do have to show you my new hair that Sebastian and I are going to make happen at the weekend!


  1. Such a lovely post as always! Congratulations on the new job, I hadn't realized you'd gotten one :)
    It's so nice finding hidden gems sitting right under your nose like that museum, hey? Looks like you guys had such a nice day together :) xx

  2. What a lovely post :) Love days like that where you just wander about in the sunshine and see where you end up. We don't do it enough either, my life is too planned and organised sometimes but I just can't help myself.

    So many lovely things for you to look forward to :)

    Chloe x

  3. It looks like you had a lovely day. Your photos are beautiful. x

  4. Your photography is just breath-taking Charlotte! x

  5. This looks so so lovely! This spring has been so beautiful so far, I would love for it to be this season year-round too ♥ I also love that quote by Tolstoy - it seems as though Springtime is so inspiring when it comes to working on projects!

    Diary of a Singer-Songwriter ♥

  6. Your life sounds and looks so lovely. :) I hope you'll get the birthday parcel I sent you before departing for Paris!

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely time :-) congratulations on the new job! x

  8. Such a lovely post, the photos are amazing! xx

  9. Such a lovely post, sounds like such a lovely day too. I love blossom trees in the Spring, when the petal scatter across the ground and manage to pretty much cover everything it's really beautiful H xx

  10. April all year round would be wonderful! And of course, who could resist a birthday every month ;-)
    It looks like you both had a wonderful day, and congratulations on the new job! :-)

    Victoria x

  11. What sweet photos! Ashford looks very sweet. Would you say it is worth a visit? I only ever pass by when on the Eurostar! :) Have a lovely Sunday

  12. Love the photographs; Spring has finally arrived!

  13. I love spring so much! Lovely pictures! :)


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