The morning after the night before

My birthday week is officially over, and so is my lovely break in Paris. Le sigh. So before I start bombarding you with Parisian posts, I will bombard you with snaps from my Post Paris bank holiday Monday.
For once, the bank holiday weather was pretty darn lovely... except I had already made a date with my blanket, comfies, a few films and a dozen cups of tea Oh and an excuse not to wash my hair (Please note the scraggly morning hair- Beautiful!). Well it IS technically Sunday after all. Right?! Back to work tomorrow after ten days off is going to be HARD.

My trip to Paris was so amazing, and even though I had badly wanted/planned to go with my BFF soul mate, Alix, I ended up going with my favourite soul mate, Sebastian. It was pretty romantic and quite perfect.
I am missing it, so much so I have spent the day watching Paris-related films sipping on PROPER tea and nibbling on Ladurée macarons bought from Champs Elysées yesterday afternoon.
I watched Midnight In Paris (again) and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Whilst writing the longest 'to do list' & looking through my snaps I put Pitch Perfect on. I intended on watching Marie Antoinette and Amélie but I ran out of time. Maybe another Paris-related comfy day is needed, with croissants and french biscuits too.
Did you lovelies have a wonderful long Easter weekend? What did you do? I hope you overindulged in chocolate & hot cross buns and family time.


  1. This looks so lovely! I was working unfortunately. Maybe next year. :)

  2. Me and you next year. Munching on macarons in the meadows of Marie Antoinette's little farm. I can't wait :)

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  3. Perfect day!! love your blog xo

  4. Midnight in Paris is a gorgeous little film - lucky that you got to experience it in real life!

    Saskia /

  5. Lovely pictures. I planned to go to Paris soon, I can't wait :)
    Michela xx

  6. Having a Paris day sounds wonderful, I must try it sometime :) I went last year and want to go back desperately!

  7. That is such a great movie. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. I'm really looking forward to your upcoming Paris posts.

  8. Quite jealous of your Paris trip! Also, those chocolate biscuits are hands down the best in the world. Nice choice :)

  9. I would love to have a Paris break. I love this movie so much, after watching it I always want to go to Paris really badly! :)

  10. So so lovely! Can't wait to hear all about your Paris trip! ♥

    Diary of a Singer-Songwriter ♥

  11. hope you had a darling birthday beautiful Charlotte, this looks so perfect! you always take the prettiest photographs x x


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