Fond of Florals

One of the things I miss about Paris is the amount of beautiful blooms that surrounds you (obviously the other things being the elegant Eiffel Tower, Ladurée and having pastries for breakfast!).
If it wasn't the gardens laden with pretty petals and colourful stems it was the amount of florists that line the streets, it was just perfect.
I think I need to move to a different town. One where every street corner is a flower stall or a florist or a patch of grass. A girl needs to be surrounded by beauty, and flowers are a good start. Do you agree?
I have just received three beautiful bunches of flowers as part of my leaving gift. I have been spoilt, and now so has my sense of smell. Every room has a scent of outdoors and I love it. My favourite is a glass jug filled with bright yellow tulips on my coffee table in the lounge. Summer. Loving.
I shall miss Spring with all it's beautiful dusky pink blossom trees and the soft breeze. Before Summer arrives and the smell of freshly cut grass fills the air I shall enjoy floral memories and snaps of pretty Paris in April.


  1. I love flowers. I've recently got in the habit of buying a bunch every week on my way home from work and it really does just make home feel homier :) xx

    Katy |

  2. I totally know what you're talking about, I love love love that there are so many flower stalls and shops here in London, we have nothing like that at all back home and it's just such a luxury here!

  3. Absolutely beautiful flowers - these are stunning. I pass the most pretty flower shop on my way to work in Marylebone and there window displays are always so lovely.

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  4. Cute blog - I love having fresh flowers in the house. Lucky you getting 3 bunches!! Little London Girl x

  5. Your photos are lovely :). I love having fresh flowers in the house, I don't know if its the smell or the vibrant colours but it always makes me feel happier.

    Sarah// A Sunday Smile

  6. Beautiful pictures.
    You've inspired me to go and buy some flowers to brighten up my flat :)
    x tink x

  7. Lovely pictures! I always want flowers in the house but forget to buy them when I'm out. I am going to make a conscious effort to grab some next time I'm out :)

    Faye |

  8. One of my weekly routines is buying us (i say us but i doubt the Mr would notice either way) a bunch (or two!) of fresh flowers for our little attic. The window sills and little side tables look so much brighter with a few blooms dotted about. Sometimes i pile them all into a big clay jug, sometimes i dot them about in old jam jars or tea cups. I got the lovliest bundle of sweet williams from M&S for £1 today, you must treat yourself! And also an extravagant massive bunch of peonies which have filled a jug and three glass tumblers!! I love this post so much. Glad you are feeling better too xxxxxx

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  10. Stunning photos! Flowers make me sooo happy!

  11. So lovely! I wish more than anything we had these flower stands all over the place in the US. Take care xo


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