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I have been meaning to have another chat with you about my wedding ideas/ progression. I am at the brink of popping with excitement. 
So my last proper update was when I was telling you (here) that I had found my dream venue, well we booked it! July 2015 I will become a Mrs. I cannot wait to go back and see the dreamy meadow and rustic barn, glistening lake and fairytale gazebo, my ideas are overflowing and I need mother to help me finalise some ideas and decisions.
I have also chosen and bought my dress. Yes. It took one trip! The second shop I went in it was right there and I fell in love with it. I thought it would be so hard and it would take so long. But nope, two shops! I thought it was too good to be true so kept looking and I just couldn't stop thinking about it... then I saw it in a magazine and squealed!
I booked an appointment straight away to show mother and for a second opinion. It was a yes.

I am so very excited. The next things on our 'to do' list is to put a deposit down on a photographer, one with photoshop-ed Dinosaurs- Oh yes you heard right, and find the perfect caterers. Know any 'Posh Picnic' style caterers around in the Kentish area? I need options.

Anyway I shall leave you with thoughts of pale pink heather bouquets, summer cocktails with floral straws, meringue kisses, coconut shy, popcorn and floral confetti sprinkles.

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  1. Charlotte it is so exciting to see your plans. The pinterest pictures are stunning. And I am sure your wedding will be too.


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