Something I'm Loving Right Now: GCWCF

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly have always been in my heart ever since I spotted them at Dot to Dot festival in Nottingham back in 2008 or 7 I don't remember but I do remember falling in love with them. My boyfriend at the time and I were just in awe of this new music before us. It was pretty special.

Over the last couple of weeks I had been feeling a little down and sitting there on the bus I was scrolling though my iPod and there they were. Get Cape Wear Cape Fly. Sam is quite frankly a genius.
THIS song is what got me out of my black hole of a mood and just sums up/solves everything that has been going around in my brain lately.

"You know it comes to a time when you realise all the people around you have changed. Like the friendships that turn to acquaintances, all the friends that you've lost that you've thought you'd made.
We always sit there in silence waiting for things that we could change"

Let the journey begin.


  1. I haven't listened to Get Cape wear cape fly in years! There was one summer where he seemed to be everywhere... Saw him at a few festivals and in an old church near where I was living and had a lovely time. I'm going to go away and listen again :)

    Faye |

  2. Oh god, I used to be in love with Get Cape too :) was always sad that their subsequent offerings after 'Searching For The Hows and Whys' weren't quite as strong. 'Find The Time' was my favourite song for a long, long time - their lyrics really are so good! And I empathise with this type of music bringing me back to a time gone by with an ex-boyfriend who loved the band too. I reckon it was made for that kind of younger relationship...!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  3. I love Sam, he's such a wonderful songwriter. His lyrics are so gorgeous. He's such a nice guy too, I've danced next to him at some of his gigs before when his support was on! x

    Megan /

  4. Thanks for sharing! This is exactly what I need to go through this boring Monday! :)
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