That's what makes Paris, Paree

So Sunday was our last day. Easter Sunday to be more precise. It wasn't filled with hollow chocolate eggs, but eclairs, macarons and pomme frites!
We got up early, enjoyed the shower room for one last time and packed our suitcase with Parisan treats, tickets and fond memories.
We both took some last minute snaps of the lovely garden studio apartment, booked through Airbnb (see this post), him for our photo album and me to share with you lovely lot!
I would miss the meowing of their kitty in the wee hours of the morning and the peaceful night sleep and sweet vintage rocking horse.
I enjoyed my stay there so much, and only 5 minutes from the metro, 5 minutes from a boulangerie. What more could you possibly need?!
I would definitely stay there again, it was such good value for money and we really did have everything we needed on our doorstep. It was such a wonderful alternative from staying in an apartment building with a balcony & flower boxes and a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower which all seemed a little out of our price range.
 Polka dot shirt- Zara// White linen Tee- H&M// Black Leigh jeans- Topshop// Black leatherette sneakers- H&M
So we kept our bags there, locked up and headed to the pâtisserie to buy our daily croissants/pain au chocolat... but instead I went for something different, something naughty!
I could have quite easily gone with one of everything, but I don't think I would have been able to walk.
So instead of going for something reasonably healthy/ breakfast like, I remembered it was Easter Sunday. Therefore it is totally acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast... so I went for a chocolate eclair. It was filled with chocolate creme too which was WAY too sickly for that early in the morning! It was good though.
We hopped on to the metro at Les Sablons and took the route to the Eiffel Tower. I know, we have visited it every day this trip... but we were going to climb it today. And by climb, I mean WALK our way up it!
Oh my goodness! It has always been something I have really wanted to do but every time I have been either no one wanted to walk it with me or it was shut due to high winds!
So before Sebastian could think about backing out, we were already queuing in the stairs only side.
Yes it felt like an extreme step class, and at times it was scary as heck, but wow was it worth it!
I loved standing up there just looking out trying to spot all the famous landmarks and getting a few freckles from the hot Easter sun. It was so nice. I did feel a bit peaky at times, but I loved it. It really felt like a dream coming back here and soaking up all the glorious-ness of this beautiful city of lights!
^ Look Les Invalides and just behind that you can see Musée Rodin!
^ What a cute bean.
After some tired knees and an SD card full of stunning views of Paris, we bought some pommes frites and went to the Champs-Élysées for a mandatory trip to Ladurée.
I think the idea of queuing to enter the store is pretty horrific, seeing as London you would NEVER have to do that, but hey we're in Paris! I didn't care at that point! I was in awe of all the fancy looking desserts, salted caramel puffs and pastel pink iced beauties. Oh my.
I was good! I didn't overindulge, not after my sickly eclair that morning. I bought two lots of delicious macarons. (and by lots I mean 6! Two lots of 6!) One selection for me, one for mother.
Sebastian and I nibbled at a Raspberry one whilst holding hands, we skipped down the Champs-Élysées until we reached the metro and we hopped back on to get our bags before heading to Bastille where our lift home was waiting for us.
Even though we didn't get chance to nip in and visit the retro photobooths for a bit of silly fun, this day was the best day. I got to walk up the Eiffel Tower, I had real Parisan Ladurée macarons from the Champs-Élysées shop and all with my beautiful Mr. It was such a wonderful trip. I really wanted a Paris trip one last time before my passport ran out and I finally did. It was romantic, there was alot of walking and queuing, and super sightseeing. It was a beautiful adventure.
Next time we shall visit every photobooth and the Amélie café, we will do a river cruise of the Seine, a midnight jazz club, and I WILL find that tea shop! I am looking forward to it already... even more so knowing I shall be MRS TTDER then too! Eeee!


  1. Wow I love Paris :D These photos are beautiful, I can't wait to go again!

    Well done you on climbing the steps up the Eiffel Tower, I was lazy and went up in the lift when I went!

    Chloe x

  2. I think I need a Paris trip with you (and Jenny!) Miss Charlotte!! This sounds so perfect, and you look so great. I love walking up the Eiffel Tower- I did it with a group from my university once, and was first girl up to the top, and second person overall- second to my lecturer, who runs marathons. I was pretty happy with that.

    Love to you

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

  3. Lovely photos, they made me feel like going back to Paris. I have been there once, but now I think it's time for a new visit. Especially that my boyfriend is French, so I would have the perfect guide!:)
    Thanks for the inspiring post!:)

  4. I'm new to your blog and can't get over how beautiful it is! Your Paris snaps are gorgeous. You've got me looking at the Eurostar website working out when I can get back there ASAP!


  5. Oh, it sounds like it was a dream! So pleased you managed to reach Paris in time. The macarons look delicious and the rocking horse in the room is so adorable! xx

    Vintage Tea Roses

  6. This is lovely. You got some seriously gorgeous pics! That flat looks so nice and ahmahgahhhd those macarons!! xx

    Katy |

  7. I love Paris! Great photos! And I loved your polka dot shirt :)
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