I have had a little break from writing, well the internet actually... although I have been searching for Bridesmaid dresses and eagerly pinning inspirational pictures and ideas on Pinterest. But we won't count that.

So, I have been busy in my craft room making Weddingy things. Sebastian and I have been busy planning and brainstorming ideas for the big day next year. We have booked our photographer (who is actually quite expensive... so I'm counting on him to capture our big day like a dreamy storybook!)
We have planned our food. We have written and re-written our guest list- which by the way is MUCH harder than you think! I think we have decided that it'll just be family for the I do's and the daytime. It is far too complicated. Though I'm sure it will all change in another few months!

We have bought our stationery and bookmarked our fancy 'crockery'. Though I need to plan a fair few bootfair trips for teacups and saucers.... because... well what kind of wedding would it be for a Tea Drinking English Rose if there were no TEA! Absurd darling!

I shall share some inspiration soon and a little Wedding project that I have been working on.

I also have a summery giveaway planned, some new TTDER stock for the wee etsy shop, and a heck of alot of Tea Reviews! So please excuse me for my VERY delayed catch up and do stay with me. I promise there is alot of lovely on it's way.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday. I'm off for a spot of Tea and some French fancy pastries in London- Did someone say Ladurée?


  1. Dearest Charlotte, you're so super organised and I'm so excited that you have done so much wedding planning, you inspire me to get on with mine haha! It sounds like a fairytale, exciting times!

    Hope you have a wonderful day in London, sounds amazing!

    Pink milk & hugs

    Natasha x

  2. Enjoy London! Your wedding planning sounds well underway - I could definitely learn a lot from you. Still, we have the venue and the dress, so if all else fails, we're not in a too bad place :)

    Can't wait to hear more about your lovely wedding plans!

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  3. How exciting that you have things to make for your wedding! I was just discussing with my friends how I would love to make all the decorations for a future wedding (if I get married!) but how it would be SO stressful! You must be really excited :) I've never been to a wedding with cute teacups so that would certainly be unique!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  4. Aah how exciting, your wedding is going to be amazing! Can't wait to see more of your inspiration and plans x

    What Rachael Wrote

  5. How lovely, you much be getting so excited about your wedding. I am very excited about these tea reviews you talk of, I can't wait! xx

  6. It's very exciting that you make things for your wedding, I'm sure you are excited too:)
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  7. I really like your aesthetics and I'm sure your wedding will be gorgeous. I hope we get to see all the lovely things you're making for it!
    And as a tea-drinker myself (although not English), I'm looking forward to reading your reviews

  8. How exciting! I bet it makes it all real now that you've got all the big things sorted now such as the photographer! I'm sure he will capture your wedding beautifully. Can't wait to see the pics!

    She Goes Wear - Lifestyle Blog


  9. Always good to have a little internet break from time to time! :) Come back soon, though! :)


  10. Oh this sounds so exciting, I bet your wedding will be gorgeous :)
    Miglė x | Meet Me On The Balcony

  11. I am so, SO happy to have found your blog - I used to follow you a few years ago, I think you had a different blog but with the same name? Anyway I'm glad I've come across you again :D
    Wedding photographers are so expensive, I can't seem to find any good ones for under $3000 (AUD) that takes nice dreamy photos.


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