Cuckoo through the walls

Nearly every month my best and I pay a visit to the local church in our town usually on a Wednesday or a Thursday to listen to some great music. Revelation St Marys is the town's music and arts venue and a pretty awesome venue at that!
The first ever night we visited the church was when the amazing Magic Numbers played and it brought back such wonderful memories. It was one of the best nights I had had in so long. It had been years since I had watched a band. Maybe Glastonbury in 2011, but before then it was often!

So after enjoying the first time spending the evening in an old church listening to The Magic Numbers, we decided to keep coming back.

Fable & Folklore- David Le Page & Matthew Sharp
We revisited the beautiful old church back in April and we saw these two talented guys do their thing.
This duo were what we thought would be a folk inspired couple... but was more 'classical folk'. So, we were the youngest people there and the music wasn't my usual type of listening material but it was pretty amazing! I was sat there a row or two from the front just staring in awe. It was magical. I left the venue that night feeling extremely cultured. It was such a nice change from my usual PJ night-in watching some american tv show. It was also so good to listen to other styles of music- it really opened my eyes and I was pleasantly surprised.
Ezra Furman and The Boyfriends
"Take off your sunglasses, I said Oh baby the sun is blinding, I need my sunglasses..."
Back in May, we had tickets for Ezra and his band, and I had spent all afternoon checking out their songs on Youtube in preparation.
This guy! Wow, if you want catchy and super fun this Summer- this is your guy!
This particular night the chairs were laid out at the side of the hall to make some room for a bit of dancing- which totally happened! In fact this was the first night that the majority of the crowd were youngsters. I either felt really quite old... or really quite cool.
Nevertheless it was a really quite awesome night!
If I was visiting my other best in Berlin and these cool kids were playing- I would DEFINITELY buy tickets.
Cate Le Bon
"He's Leaving, he's leaving, he's leaving, town..." 
Oh Cate. Lovely, slightly haunting, beautiful, shiny gold Cate Le Bon.
I am so glad I got to see this wonderful Welsh lady last week, her voice is just so nice to listen to. 
Cate and co's music is generally folk meets pop with little hints of rock and a dash of sparkle- And that's not just her super sparkly Gold guitar strap and shiny gold dress we're talking about here. A Golden Dream!
I could listen to this beauty's music all day long. It is so dreamy. I would be happy to lay in a meadow on a tartan blanket underneath the sunshine with this playing in my headphones all afternoon. Especially 'Are You With Me Now', 'Wild' & 'No God'-Which can all be found on her album 'Mug Museum'- How can we NOT purchase with a name like that!

I hope to go back to see some more music there soon, but currently eyeing up 'Toploader'--Blast from the past! and 'Boy & Bear' in November. I cannot wait.

Have you been to see any amazing live music lately? Or planning on going to any Festivals- sunning yourselves and wearing flowers in your hair?


  1. Loving Ezra! So jealous!! I love Boy & Bear! xx

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