Magical May

It all starts with a tea. A Twinings Everyday to be precise. (It also ends with a tea!)

I know I have been a little quiet on the blog front lately, I guess life has taken over a bit. The new job, the wedding plans, the passing of my darling little hamster- Captain Barnaby Whiskers. It has all been quite much.
I also believe that Mercury's retrograde had ALOT to play in it. But I feel I may have pulled myself together.
So, back in May I went to see McBusted with my dear old college friend, Emma, who I hadn't seen in so long, it was great to catch up on the drive down to Brighton. We had some food and queued up in the longest queue with our tickets for what turned out to be the most amazing night! Wow! It must have been 10 years ago or so since I saw my favourite-then-band Busted at Wembley arena which so happened to be their last before splitting up. SO it was a blast from the past and a bloody great one at that!
A few days later I hopped on the train to London with my Mother, sister and her (not-so) little family. We were off to the Harry Potter Studio Tours in Watford for the day.
It was so exciting, I had been before when I went as a blogger with Jenny and the girls and had a magical time... but this time was different. Going with children in tow seemed so much fun and seeing their excited faces and stamping their little complimentary adventure booklets.. and trying to spot ALL the Snitches. It was SO much fun.
I was most looking forward to sipping on another cup of ButterBeer. My oh my. It is my favourite. What sugary goodness. I couldn't wait to point out my favourite areas to my excitable nephews, oh and hop in the flying car with them!!!
Other than those exciting days out, Sebastian and I have been making plans and getting crafty with Weddingy things, nibbling on Lavender shortbread from M&S (--or at least I have!).
Sebastian and I spent weekends in the warm sunshine, he made homemade smoothie/juices- I sipped!
We have been catching up on old episodes of our favourite American tv shows, researching July florals for next year, meeting up with our wedding venue lady- who is so lovely!
...and mainly just sipping tea and just thinking... rather than doing. Which by the way, like I mentioned before- has all changed and now I am feeling very creative, inspired and motivated!
(A June update to follow!)


  1. glad you're feeling better. I went to the Harry Potter Studios last year, it was great! I loved the butter beer. I'm trying to get myself out of a wee rut right now. Check out my blog post on it.

    Take care.

  2. beautiful pics sweetie <3

  3. Ohhh man! I have to get myself to Harry Potter Studios someday.

    Mercury's little retrograde last month seemed to screw things up for a lot of people, you're not alone in that boat!

    Lovely post.

    Jenna @ Maybe Lately

  4. Lavender shortbread! I need to try this! I've been meaning to go to Harry Potter studios for a while, maybe I will have to put it on the birthday list for next year. Also I am so jealous you got to see McBusted, I expect it was an extremely fun evening. xx

  5. I swear Mercury Retrograde has been so horrible this year, but finally it's July & things are meant to really start picking up now thankfully! That shortbread packaging it just lovely too.

  6. I'm so jealous of everyone who has been to the Warner Brothers Studios... and so many more than once! It looks so magical, and I can imagine it would be even more magical if you had children with you. That lavender shortbread looks yummy, I've been working at some Lavender Fields this summer and they have a little shop which sells so many lavender flavoured things... biscuits, cakes, chocolates, bath stuff... it all smells so good!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  7. I loved the Harry Potter studio tours! I had SO MUCH FUN. I also need to get my hands on that lavender shortbread, it looks so good :)

  8. Great photographs! I really want to go to the Harry Potter Studios...may have to book it this autumn!
    Katie x


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