Pastel Perfection


The only thing I like about the summer is that I can wear pretty sandals, I can leave my coat behind, freshly cut grass & pretty flowers and eating lots of ice cream. My favourite thing is that wearing pastel colours is everyone's favourite thing.

I really love these Jelly shoes. I sort of brushed them off when they first came back in the shops, then I secretly wished for a pair but thought that due to my youthful looks I'd probably look about 5 and deemed it not a good idea! But now I have cracked. My secret is out and I want a pair or three! They'll be great for my seaside trips I've planned.
I am also in love with these dotty denim shorts from Topshop! How cute are they?! I think they'd go with everything and so will that Cambridge Satchel! Oh my goodness. I think my life would be complete. The colour is so pretty and they also have a dusky pink!!! Is it Christmas yet?!!


  1. Pastels do make summer better, but I can't wait for Autumn! I love the jumper - it's so pretty.

    Beccy : Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. I love pastel colours too, my room has recently been painted a pastel green and I'm absolutely in love with it! I love the satchel pictured too, it would look great with simple summer outfits.

  3. I love those shorts! :) The whole colour scheme is so pretty.
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  4. Nude jelly sandals! I've not seen that colour before but I love them. also love the topshop shorts!

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

  5. So pretty! I love pastels, but don't wear anywhere near enough of them. They're just so... whimsical! We need to try to bring them to the forefront in winter too, I think!

    Alice xx |The Cup and Saucer


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