Jolie July

It has been a busy time for me lately. July was full of fun, flowers and friends. Oh and tiny fluffballs!
I had a few days off in the middle of July and one of the days was spent at mother's cottage where she planted potential wedding flowers and tiny white petals on top of where my darling poor Captain Barnaby Whiskers is buried (which I failed to mention on here but it was said on twitter and Instagram- Back in June my poor orange Captain Barnaby Whiskers went to Hamster Heaven with tilly~rose!).
The heartache was bad- I was strong at first but it just felt far too strange with out his squeaks around. I begged and begged Sebastian to let me get another fluffball but he was too sad.
I finally talked him around, so when I was at mother's she took me to the pet store and I peered in the little cages and there she was. A dusty coloured Lady all curled up in a ball. It was love.
She still doesn't have a name! I know shame on me. I have had her for a couple of weeks now. I just keep falling in love too much with the names-- we all know I'm broody for teeny humans, so picking names is pretty hard for me! I now have about 10 on my human list and keep calling this little peach 'Lady Fluffball'! - which really isn't good enough. Help me please?!!- & no one say Violet or my ovaries will burst!
Other than feeding the little lady blueberries and giggling at her in her ball, I have been seeing alot more of my friends. It started to really get me down that I didn't have many 'friends' around that I could go and sip tea with or buy fabrics and talk about Pinterest and such. And that is kinda pants.
But I do have a group of lovelies that I can have a lovely time with.
During my days off, I met up with my lovely ladies for peach lemonade and a spot of shopping and shade in the park.
That evening we went to an old friend's gig in a small railway themed bar and it was the best night ever!
So it stormed- bad, but dancing my butt along to some beautiful music sung by my lovely friend Chris Marsh and sipping on cider was the night I needed. I had such a lovely night with my group of old school friends and my Sebastian- who was also once my old school friend! It was truly lovely!
I have also been wearing glittery jelly shoes, nude jelly shoes, polka dot jumpers and powdery blue scalloped tees. I have also been sipping on fruit tea infused juices, pink milk and cola... and the odd tea throughout the day--- no where near as much due to the hot sticky unbearable heat!
I have been eating Wagamama and chilli prawns with my bestest Suz, nibbling on giant prawns, calamari, croquettes and paella at La Tasca with half of my Bridesmaids- shopping for Bridesmaid dresses- which by the way is complete! Relief- another thing ticked off the long list!
Sipping teas in bed on a late morning, waiting in for very important IKEA deliveries, writing plans for the blog/shop, dreaming of bridal parties in Paris, nibbling on Parisien macarons brought back from my mothers trip.
Tidying up and clearing out and going through old memories from university and getting très emotional in the process.
...and gazing at pretty blooms and dreaming of florists and their daily views- Jealous.


  1. I adore ALL of your outfits in this post! <3 x

    Megan /

  2. I love love that pink top and necklace - where are they from?!

  3. Fantastic July days! It looks like you do so many lovely things. Your beige jelly shoes are gorgeous - fun and yet sophisticated. Where did you get them?
    Sorry to hear of the loss of your pet. It's so hard, they really do become part of the family but I'm glad you've got a new, super cute buddy! x

  4. Lady Fluffball is a cute name! I'm sure one will spring to your mind when you least expect it and it'll stick :) xx

  5. All of the outfits are to die for, I love your style! xo

  6. I love those nude jelly shoes, so cute! And the decor in your living room is also lovely in that pic. xx

    A Little Lucy

  7. Pretty pictures Charlotte and lovely summer days. My sisters hamster was called Scone if thats inspiring at all?!

  8. We had fish named after famous universities - Harvard, Yale and Sorbonne - very pretentious!! A hamster named Clover, guinea pigs named Lucy and Molly, and a dog named Callie and a cat named Hobbes.

  9. Beautiful pictures! All so simple but all lovely and representative of the month <3 xx

  10. What about Bluebell? such a pretty name and less like a little human name! :) xx


*Forever Love*