Oh the memories

I have currently packed up ^^^ this old life and moved all my things in boxes and waiting to unpack them and decide whether they deserve to go in a drawer or in a keepsake box or binbags.
On Thursday I took the day off to sign for my IKEA delivery... aka my new beautiful desk. I am in love!

But the tidying has been somewhat emotional!
I had been feeling a little lost, a little lonely lately. My head has been up in a cloud of grey mist- confused, frustrated and disappointed. I know it's all me.

But then I went through my old letters and cards sent to me by my friends and family when I was at uni. And well, it seems I forgot all about how miserable I had been back then. Such dark times, full of upset, tears and broken hearts. It was a really horrible few years for my emotions! My parents break up, the death of my nan and the break up of my relationship... oh and all the uni work I had to do in the process!
What I am trying to say is that these lovely words from close ones really made me realise how much I have changed, how I feel like a completely different person to how I was then. And how easily I can block out all those memories of emotion.
It was awful- but it made me much stronger, and although I am still not exactly the person I want to be, it proves there is hope that I soon can be.

I am so lucky to have such an amazing handful of friends and truly wonderful family. They know who they are. I am also so lucky to have a friend in Sebastian- he motivates me like no other, tells me off for not believing in myself and makes room so I can share his studio room with him! Love!
I am also truly grateful for you guys. I have such massive support from you and you really have kept me going at times! You inspire me to keep blogging and rambling on about my not so interesting life and I really owe you one! I have also been very lucky to have made some Amazing friends from doing this, and I hope to make more ---You've just got to live closer!!! Joke--but seriously it would help! Any creative Kent kids out there?
I love you all, forever and always 


  1. I can really relate to this post. Sometimes I feel myself feeling lonely for no reason at all. I think I have a bit of a melancholy personality to be honest but it can be so hard. I'm glad you are on a path that makes you happy. I am so enjoying your posts xo

  2. Bless your lovely little heart Charlotte. I feel its time for your happy ever after now! This post was so touching and lovely and i wish i could send you a macaron as big as your head!!! Sending you lots of love xxxx

  3. This makes my heart ache and lighten up simultaneously! It's heartbreaking to see you sad, but so heartwarming to see the silver lining upon all of your grey clouds. Keep your head up and your smiles wide :) xxx
    Laura | KUWB

  4. Absolutely love your posts, and so glad you feel supported by your blogging community. Keep trekking along, darling.

  5. I love your little cat tape dispenser! Definitely understand how you are feeling, too. Sometimes everything is just a little too overwhelming x

  6. Isn't it funny how those feelings come out of nowhere and catch you off guard a bit? Even though things are good there is still a lingering melancholy and loneliness that rears it's ugly head -- it's the worst! So happy that you have a lovely circle of family & friends to support you! Keep your chin up and those feelings will surely pass. :)

    xo danielle / sage and spice

  7. Isn't it funny how little mementoes can really bring back those raw emotions. It's always good to reflect and remember things because they help to make you the person you are today but you also need to be excited about now and look forward to the future. Sounds like you're doing a great job at all those things! x

  8. I feel the same way when I'm tidying my desk, there are so many hidden memories there...Never know what to keep and what to pack or throw away.
    Sidcup Office cleaners

  9. packing up things can be so emotional. they also take me 1099329329 years to complete because I always get sidetrapped.... oops! x

  10. I also always get emotional when clearing stuff out, I am forever finding letters and notes that I have written or have been written to me over the years, its amazing to see what you as a person have gone through, and how many hits you have taken and still kept going. Good luck getting your new desk!! H xx

  11. This is such a beautiful post with a wonderful message. It is a true blessing to have good friends. I always save letters as well, it's nice to come across them later and smile :) I hope you have a wonderful week ♥

    Diary of a Singer-Songwriter ♥

  12. Look at all your Washi tape! Drool! I cannot wait to see how you style & decorate it! & Keep smiling Charlotte :D xx


*Forever Love*