Rainbow delights

Sorry for being distant again- it's not you- it's all me! I feel so exhausted at work at the minute and all that my body/brain can do after each day is to eat and sleep. I didn't even go to Yoga last week!
But I'm back with weekend adventures. 
A couple of weeks ago Sebastian and I hopped on a train to Canterbury, the next town over, to explore, and I needed to take a dress back to Monsoon.
We stumbled across a row of green and white striped tents. The tents were filled with treats. Plastic boxes lined with frosted cupcakes, shelves of handmade crafts, upcycled furniture and boxes of handmade macarons.
I could not help myself. Sebastian bought us a Ginger and Elderflower fizzy drink and I bought us some floral macarons (They had Earl Grey, Lavender, Rose, Violet - I was so excited!).
We sat down amongst the flowers and listened to a lovely boho-styled, acoustic-guitar playing, softly-singing young girl.
After enjoying a peaceful half an hour or so in the sunshine sipping on fizz we desperately needed some shade. We explored the shops and bought some floral tops (for us), tweed jackets (for Sebastian), and Navy polka dot work trousers and a posh pastel pink & blue dress (for me).
After wandering the cobbled streets, sitting in the park and sipping Raspberry rooibos iced tea, then searching through vintage maps and other treasure, we decided it was time for us to hop back on the train and go home for dinner.
We couldn't help but nibble on some of our macarons. I ate the Lavender and chocolate one- it was so delicious! I wished I bought a few of those!! Sebastian had his banana and chocolate and thought it was quite strange. We finished the night off with a film and a snuggle as the rain started to pitter patter upon our window panes.
The Sunday was for grocery shopping. I could not wait to wear my new floral Jurassic Park tee (which was from Primark believe it or not!) and Sebastian couldn't wait to wear his Hawaiian shirt (Also Primark!). He managed to find quite a few nice things in there, where I found nothing but this beaut.
We wandered up the high street of our town where we found a number of green and white tents--- again. These looked familiar to the ones we stumbled upon the day before in Canterbury.
These were slightly different, fresh breads, strong cheeses, homemade Marshmallows (!!!) and THE macaron tent. I couldn't believe it. They didn't have all the flavours as they did the day before but I picked up a Lavender one to give to my mother- I knew she'd appreciate it as much as I did.
I also found an amazing Tea van Lil' Tea Tank. I could not believe my eyes. 
See, the reason I don't like my town usually is because it's very uninspiring, it lacks creativity and more importantly there is nowhere nice to have tea! Yes there is a Starbucks etc etc- but I need a good tearoom in my life!
But here, right before my eyes was a pretty amazing tearoom- on wheels! Unfortunately we didn't have time to sit down for a cup of tea and cake- but next month when it comes back I will be there nice and early- for elevenses.
Sebastian and I went and bought our groceries for the week and ended up with a bag of pic n mix each too- How naughty! But such a brilliant idea. 
It was such a lovely weekend. I loved that my town was selling handmade macarons, and there was a vintage tearoom (even for just one day!) I am starting to appreciate these little things again. Maybe one day I can bring the tearoom to the town! Whether I own it or persuade the town to get one!!! But I will try.
I am feeling quite content at the moment.


  1. Your fella has a very good beard.
    I can sympathise with you about the lack of creativity in your town. I'm from Maidstone and when I moved up to Norwich for Uni, I decided never to go back to Kent. Those medway towns, ugh! However Canterbury is nice and the Lil tea tank does look pretty good!

  2. Ahhh, I went to university in Canterbury and your photos took me right back! Such a lovely little city. Hope you enjoyed your visit - the macarons look amazing.

    Kat x

  3. I love your photos! Canterbury looks lovely and that tea van is so cute, those are some pretty impressive flavour macarons, I am still yet to try one! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  4. Aw this was such a lovely read, you can tell how happy you are! What a cute little weekend you guys had - macarons must be the most picturesque food ever haha! Great photography :D

    Jade x ♡

  5. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

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  6. Macaroons are so photogenic, they looked lovely. Sebastian, what an awesome beard, my husband would be impressed!

  7. I've always wanted to visit Canterbury since reading the Canterbury Tales at school. It looks lovely and those macaroons look delicious.

    Katy -

  8. Ahh my university town, still looking as beautiful as ever!

  9. Those macaroons just look so dreamy, sounds like you had a lovely day. Oh, and i just adore your floral Jurassic Park tee x

  10. Sounds like a wonderful weekend - I have a serious macaroon craving now!

  11. Although I don't like the taste at all, the macaroons look so pretty in the pictures. I almost want to try them again :))

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle
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  12. Yummy, there's nothing better than macarons!

  13. All these sweet deserts and treats look absolutely gorgeous, I am so hungry right now H xx

  14. Canterbury looks absolutely lovely, It's on my bucket list of places I would like to visit. Love the cute photo of the two of you, it's darling!

  15. Those macaroons look amazing! It took me a while to get into macaroons so I'm a bit late on the bandwagon, but oh yum!


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