There seems to be a chill in the air

I have been enjoying the cooler weather lately. After wishing Autumn was here, it finally feels that it is near.
The mornings require a jacket, the evenings require a jumper and the shops have started to stock Christmas cards! This feels me with warmth.
The thought of Autumn has got me thinking of wool coats, raincoats and brown ankle lace up boots. I cannot wait for pay day... though I'm sure I should keep those pennies for wedding funds, hair trims and adventures.
At the weekend, I put on my giant chunky knit jumper, jeans and sandals to enjoy the warm sunshine and chilly breeze. It was such a nice feeling. I have always said that I like to have the option to wear a jumper... and it was one of those days.
I always thought that Winter was my favourite season- because of Christmas, but I think Autumn must be.
After my walk into town with Sebastian, we went home for lunch and he made me a Croque Monsieur. And it was DELICIOUS! I love a Croque Monsieur- I think if I was living in France I would have one every day weekend for lunch! It was SO good. 


  1. Autumn is hitting us up real hard up North. We have some spicy teas hitting our shelves to warm everyone up. I love tea and stumbled upon your blog a few months ago. Mine is just a baby but their might be some tea of interest to you. Take a peek x

  2. love all your photos, chunky jumper's just what i need right now xx

  3. Ooooh, you just made me hungry!
    I can't wait to start throwing on jumpers again - I adore summer, but I adore my jumpers much, much more!

    Laura | KUWB

  4. It also feels like Autumn where I live and as much as I love the beginning of it, I really wish it was still hot and summery, I don't want to let Summer go yet.. :)

  5. I love Autumn! great photos and I love your jumper =)

    Paula | Simplicity is Beauty

  6. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year. The leaves falling off the trees, the frosty breath and the shops stocking festive stuff ridiculously early, it's just perfect! H xx

  7. Mmm, homemade croque monsieur! I'm a big fan of Autumn too - wish we could have had our last few weeks of summer, but the slight chill in the air and the onset of falling leaves has me secretly pleased.

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure


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