Adventure time

The Adventures of Jenny & Charlotte continue (from a few weekends ago!)...

You probably read all about our trip to Margate, and if not you really should (here)! We woke up early, for a Sunday, to the smell of Sebastian's Lavender infused Waffles. He had made both Jenny and I a nice hot cup of tea and a plate of waffle each. -The perfect Sunday breakfast to fill us up for a day of exploring.
I took miss Jenny to the cute touristy city of Canterbury. It reminds me of a miniature Bath; cobbled streets, tourist attractions & shops.
We pottered around the Museum, which was in a grand, old building along the high street. I had never been in before so it was a surprise for me as much as it was for her.
We wandered in and out of the themed rooms. We stopped to stare at beautiful paintings, creepy photography, hand-stitched war postcards and beautiful bugs.
Jenny and I share a love of all things stuffed or preserved. Taxidermy is a strange subject, people either love it or they are very put off by it- Jenny and I sure do love it. I find it extremely fascinating how each bug, bird or creature have been maintained so delicately to how it once was when alive.
I took Jenny to some of my favourite shops and showed her the beautiful Cathedral. We had a bit of an explore around the Cathedral grounds and got a little lost. Oh and Jenny made friend's with a cat.

It was a lovely day filled with yummy food, great museum finds and pretty shops. We had great chats about blogging, baking and friendships. I so love having Jenny stay over.
It is strange to think you can be such great friends with someone who you met through the internet, and when you've only met up a few times... but it really is true. Jenny and I have this instant friendship. You know when you feel you've known someone forever? I find myself talking to her about people she's never met thinking she knows them too. Strange huh?
I wished she lived closer and I wish I didn't have to save so much or I would hop on the train next weekend (& the weekend after that) to visit her and have Pip snuggles.
^^^ my wall of BESTS- this makes me happy,


  1. Lovely post! Thanks for taking us on this journey with you. What a nice friendship and a beautiful story. Love the sound of the lavender waffles!

  2. All of those insects looks quite pretty - particularly the butterflies. Great to hear about your adventures.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. This is so lovely! Looks like you had an amazing day. Not sure about those insects though! The beetles are a bit scary :P xx

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*Forever Love*