Five Happy Things

September so far has brought me great things. Minus the ridiculous sunburn and the unnecessary tears and confrontation. ...and the moments of self-doubt and the sleepless nights and the stress lines that are permanently embossed in my forehead! (hmm... cue happy things!!!)
1. I have spoken to one of my best friends, Alix, THREE times this week. THREE!!! She is currently adventuring in Berlin and I have been missing her like crazy. We have strangely been going through alot of similar things lately and her wise words have gotten me through some tough days.

2. Purchasing a camel coat which I have been pining over for quite some time- but not actually being able to find THE right one. Until that day I walked into TKmaxx- of all places- and it was there. A size smaller, sitting there on the rail-- and it blooming fits! I am in love.

3. Eating waffles for breakfast. First morning of our week off together Sebastian made us his famous waffles. Except, he had bettered himself! These were Lavender infused waffles with chunks of banana, a sprinkling of blueberries and a swirl of maple syrup. This was THE best yet. Jenny- you will experience Sebastian's amazing waffle making skills when you visit next week!

4. Adventuring to three different seaside towns with Sebastian this week has been quite delightful. We couldn't really afford to go away, what with the wedding next year but we decided that we should do something. Hopping on buses and visiting local seasides was the best plan.
Ice creams, walks along the seafront, that fresh sea air, browsing the small seaside shops and discovering potential knitting classes. It was pretty darn amazing.

5. Receiving my first Christmas gift of the year- Yes- Christmas! It's 108 days away and I have already received some Seasons Greetings. My darling best Suz bought me tickets to see 'Get Cape Wear Cape Fly's' last ever show on the 12th. They're having their favourite people accompany them too- including The Xcerts. I am so excited.

(I wanted to say the fact that my older brother finally got engaged to his lovely girlfriend was a super happy thing too-- but then I'd have to change the title to six and I don't like even numbers and then, well I'd have to go for seven..... you see my predicament!)

What have your favourite things been this week? Did you go anyway exciting, eat anywhere delicious, had the most amazing lie-in? I'd love to hear them.


  1. Having Waffles for breakfast makes everything better! It is lovely to see the little things that are making you happy this month! H xx

  2. Hi darling!!!I really love reading your posts!:D The best thing of this week is that I've finally finished my university exams!!!I'm so excited and I feel really free, even if next months I will be really busy working on my master's thesis! Another beautiful thing was the long walk I did with my yorkshire terrier Cloe yesterday morning!We went in the countryside and I spent time picking up blackberries and delicious wild apples!!!kisses

  3. Glad things are going along so well for you. We had four sets of triplets born (we are lambing at the moment) and that has been really exciting! About 185 lambs now at last count!

  4. I really love posts like this and the seaside is pretty much my favourite thing about living in the UK. If I'm ever feeling low you just have to take me to the sea and give me some chips with curry sauce.

    Katy xx

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful week off - I love going to the seaside.

    Ioanna |

  6. sounds like you had the most perfect time. I love hearing about the little things that make you happy :) X

  7. I just love it when you find the perfect-one-off-item in makes my day! x

  8. Love posts like this - thanks for sharing some positivity.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog


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