Five (ten) Happy Things

So it appears that I have been a bit behind with the updates for the blog. Too many adventures that's what it is! (didn't think I would EVER say that!)
I technically owe you TWO Happy Things posts... So I am making a double one- therefore I have TEN Happy Things to share with you.
(Two weeks ago)
1. Visiting Chessington, World of Adventures for the first time and loving it- despite I was sporting a horrific cold. I saw the cutest kid dragging along a Minion almost as big as her!!!

2. Having Beans on Toast for dinner. There's something about pouring almost a full tin of hot baked beans over warm buttered toast. Yum.

3. Wearing dresses to work with thick tights.

4. Discussing pastel hair again with pinks and greys and hoping November (my next hair appointment) will bring me the confidence to just do it!

5. Having super long chats with my best Alix, and talking positive things whilst carrying out some super mega manifesting. This girl makes me feel happier and gives me a such a positive outlook on life.
(Last week)
1. Feeling the Autumn for the first time. Oh my, Autumn is officially here and boy is it here alright! The chill in the air is just wonderful. I love to kick through the crunchy leaves in my new blush coloured brogues.

2. Being able to wear thick woollen socks around the house to warm up freezing toes.

3. Attending a beautiful wedding on Saturday of the most stunning couple. (Another of our School friend's from our little group.) It was very sophisticated and it was such a lovely day. I got a little nervous when the realisation sunk in that it was our wedding next! Argh.

4. Visiting Scotney Castle in Lamberhurst, Kent on Sunday with Mother. We went to the Creative Brides Vintage Wedding Fair and it was just inspiring. I found a few potential important things to tick of the list! Wahoo!

5. Finally catching up with The Great British Bake Off. Homemade Doughnuts?! Yes please!


  1. Such a lovely post, sounds like you've been having a great time! I love the Bake Off! xx

    Ioanna | www.hearting.co.uk

  2. Wonderful post! Nothing beats a good adventure...or several. ;) I soooo want to try homemade doughnuts, although maybe I shouldn't. x


*Forever Love*