Seaside Tours- Part Four

Last weekend led me to an adventure in Dreamland, aka Margate. I had been raving on about it to miss Jenny for a while and persuaded her to go with me.

Jenny came to stay for the weekend last week and it was so lovely. We had a great catch up, ate good food, and adventured. Our first date was to visit the lovely Kentish seaside town that is Margate. We had the lovely Alice accompany us too which made a wonderful day.
Our first stop was to have tea and cake at my favourite tearoom in Margate, The Cupcake Cafe. You may remember my first visit with my beautiful Alix, here. It's still my most favourite place to stop for cake. There is so much to choose from- it's a dream. The walls are decorated with pretty china and shelves are filled with lovely teapots and printed tea towels to purchase. Along with their mismatched furniture and pastel oilcloth table tops it is such a lovely atmosphere.
After filling our tummies with buttercream and tea leaves we had a wander through the old town and explored some of the vintage boutiques and tea shops that Margate has to offer.
After sipping some complimentary cherry green tea, admiring the old suitcases and purchasing old maps of Guernsey, we wandered towards the Turner Gallery for a snoop at some contemporary art.
But before we could really take all the talented art work in, our tummies were begging for some seaside chips and cola. We sat facing the sea whilst nibbling on the best chips I have had in a long while, and chatted about living in places away from our childhood homes.
^^^ Look at these pretties!
After a long browse around the gallery and purchasing some birthday cards we went to Margate's micro pub and ordered a cider each. We had Elderflower, Pink Marmalade and Raspberry Twist. At £3 a pint it was pretty darn excellent. It was strong and, mixed with the sea air, made me a little giddy but we had a good giggle and chatted about life.
After a day full of tea, cake, art, tasty cider, talks about weddings, blogs & the future... the sun was setting and it was time to hop on the train home. Dreamland was fun and it made me thirsty for more.

Jenny and I went back to mine, got into our comfies and watched a cheesy girly film. Once it had finished I went to bed and excitably told Sebastian all about my day with the girls and how much Margate is the place to be for us both... he started looking at house prices and we ended up talking all the way through the night about the future. Life set.


  1. Margate is somewhere I'd like to visit in the future. Thanks for giving me a taste of the sights and attractions of Dreamland

  2. I love all the cute shops you found - those cakes look delicious.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. I absolutely loved Margate! Like the look of that tea shop!!

  4. We have to go back when Dreamland reopens. I want this weekend all over again. Can't wait for our next Christmas adventure xx

  5. I'm loving these sea side posts. You've given me good ideas for where it head to on my next days off.

  6. I've not been to Margate for an AGE! I should go, especially since I grew up in Kent and it's not *too* far away from Sussex!

  7. What a lovely post :) I've never been to Margate but it looks so pretty and what an amazing tea room! xx

  8. This place really does look straight out of a dream! x

    Beth | Alphabeth

  9. Oh wow, looks like a fantastic day!

  10. I love this, Charlotte! I loved our day, and I cannot wait to see you again for Christmas adventures! xxxx
    (PS- I like how I'm laughing in both the pictures you took of me. Clearly, you two make me happy!)

  11. that cafe looks totally fucking amazing


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